“I am encouraged and enjoying life again.”

Karen Wood“In the past 7 years I have had three sets of steroid shots for severe pain in my left lumbar region. The shots brought temporary relief, generic but didn’t help the underlying problem which continued to worsen. I found myself once again in severe, prescription constant pain which radiated down my left leg and into my foot causing my leg to ‘give out’. I was unable to stand up straight; unable to sleep; and I couldn’t work or do simple tasks at home. My doctor put me on six days of oral Prednisone and sent me to physical therapy. By the third PT visit my pain was even worse! At the urging of my daughter, tadalafil I made an appointment at Health and Harmony to see Dr. Steinle. I had adjustments two days in a row the first week and could actually feel they were starting to help! I began looking forward to my visits, and within four weeks the sharp pain had ceased. The exercises Dr. Steinle gave me helped me to stand up straight and walk normally! Others noticed my improvement! I’m working again with some limits, sleeping good, and have more energy. There are large spaces of time each day where I have NO pain at all!! Driving my stick shift is less painful; I can stoop to pick up things from the floor and even put my socks on!! I am encouraged and enjoying life again!” Karen Wood, Conifer, CO

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