Core Strength vs Abdominal Strength

Here is an excellent article which discusses the difference between doing core stabilization exercises and traditional crunches.

Want a Flat Stomach?OC Metro Thursday Feb 16

As you read through the article make note of the “transverse abdominus” discussion. Here is an excerpt.

Twenty-nine muscles make up the core, from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor. Forming a network of interactive stabilizers, they support the spine like a corset. The deepest of the abdominal muscles and the center of the core, the “transverse abdominus,” or TA, wraps around the pelvis just below the rib cage. All movements originate from the core, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as the “powerhouse.” The TA plays a major supporting role in sports activities. “Whenever a person hits a tennis ball or swings a golf club, the TA is the first muscle to fire,” says Jennifer Hibl, owner of South County Physical Therapy and Pilates. “If it’s weak, other muscles take over to compensate, and that’s where you have problems and imbalances.”

The article points out the importance of core strength in movement and performance. What the article does not mention that is equally important is the role that the transverse abdominus and the other core muscles play in posture.

Weakness to the core muscles allows the pelvis to tilt forward which leads to a sway back and knock-kneed posture. If you have any questions about the exercises the article explains or additional core strengthening exercises please contact Health and Harmony, PC. Our number is 303 670 1001.

by Jason Steinle, Doctor of Chiropractic
Jason Steinle is a Chiropractor serving Evergreen and surroundings areas. You may contact him at Health and Harmony, PC.