The Wellness Message

“Live Life. Love Life.”   There it was on the free blankets and water bottles. 

Blanket from Promotion Event








Blanket from Promotion Event

Last Thursday night as we left the AuNaturalAlice concert with Five for Fighting and Safety Suit a building complex in the midst of their grand opening launch had two women handing out the blankets and bottles.

“Live Life. Love Life” sounds like a chiropractic office slogan.

It’s the wellness message that there is more to life than just getting by without pain.

I use to have a poster hanging in my office with the World Health Organization definition of health.

“Health is not only the absence of infirmity and disease but also a state of physical, store mental and social well-being.” World Health Organization

Why is the wellness message so popular today? 

It’s because at our core nature all of us want to experience life to it’s fullest. We want to experience more energy, unhealthy more purpose, more happiness, more love, more etc… Companies are branding their products so we as consumers feel like a piece of clothing or health drink will help us acheive this goal.

Check out this receipt from the American Eagle store. 

American Eagle Receipt










American Eagle Receipt

There is the wellness message again  ”Live Your Life”

Or this magazine ad for Vail, CO.

Magazine Ad for Vail










Magazine ad for Vail, CO


While a new hat or a trip to Vail may make you feel good, I’ve found the following to be the fundamentals neccassary for a rich life.

1.  A sense of purpose

2. A healthy, flexible spine

3. Friends and family

4. Connection to something greater than yourself

5. A respect and interest in your own well-being

When you have these fundamentals the working out, eating well, being involved, etc… are all part of who you are instead of something you think you must do.  It’s subtle wording, but a profound difference.

Thanks for stopping by. May you continue to live the wellness message in your own life. 

Jason C. Steinle

Doctor of Chiropractic at Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Evergreen, CO.