For measurable verifiable results, I recommend Health and Harmony Chiropractic!

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– Happy Camper
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I highly recommend Dr. Jason!

I highly recommend Dr. Jason Steinle! He is a true compassionate healer and professional who listens and loves what he does. He is very available. So much more than a chiropractic doctor! I have been seeing Dr. Jason for about 5 years. When I came to Jason, I had long-term dizziness, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and limited movement of arms and neck. Jason’s extensive knowledge and careful analysis taught me so much, and he quickly changed my health and life! I am free of pain, headaches and dizziness. I have full range of motion and have been able to return to my active lifestyle. Dr. Jason also made sure my work station is ergonomically correct to prevent problems. A healthy musculoskeletal and nervous system have been essential to my health, and I have Jason to thank for it. Thank you Dr. Jason!

– Susan Turner
Evergreen, Colorado
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I came to Jason’s office in November 2010…

I came to Jason’s office in November 2010 seeking help to deal with several health issues. I had mild lower back pain, severe neck pain, blinding migraines multiple times a week, numbness in my fingers and immune issues. I’m currently about a month into treatment and I feel like a different person. My lower back pain almost immediately disappeared, I started sleeping better, I don’t have any numbness in my fingers, my immune issues are greatly improved and I haven’t had a migraine in about 3 weeks (and if you’ve ever had a migraine, you understand how miraculous this is!). Jason has been great throughout my entire treatment. He helped me to understand how the misalignment of my spine was affecting me, and clearly explained not only what he was doing, but some steps that I could take at home to reinforce the treatment given in his office. I am very happy that I stumbled into his care — thank you, Jason!

– Kimberly
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