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You might want to stand up for this: There’s just a 4% chance that your chair is right for your body.

Dr. Scott Bautch, president of the American Chiropractic Association’s Occupational Health Council, says most manufactures make furniture for an average male — someone 5 foot 10 and 165 pounds. But just 4% of Americans are this size.

Because of this, Bautch told The Washington Post, most chairs are bad for your spine. “There’s a lot of furniture designed out there that isn’t good for backs,” he says.
So how do you ensure you’re sitting pretty? Follow these tips:

Maintain your curves: Your chair should support the natural curves in your neck, mid back and low back. If you don’t have an ergonomic chair, use a lumbar support or a rolled towel to maintain the arch of your back

Be shallow: Most chairs are too deep, forcing people to slouch. With your back against the chair’s back, your lap should be parallel to the ground and there should be a fist-size space between your knee and the chair’s lip

Be afraid of heights: When sitting, you want to take as much weight off your back as possible. Your feet should be flat on the floor, supporting weight, even with your back flush against the chair’s. If you can’t adjust your chair, buy a foot rest or rest your feet on a high, flat surface such as a phone book.

Source: Meta-ehealth

Doxycycline 100 Mg Prescription

Doxycycline 100mg To BuyInteresting article in the Economist about the relationship between posture and self-esteem.

Take away points are that people with an open expansive posture viewed themselves with higher self-esteem and were more likely to take action.

The relationship between alignment and self-esteem is well established. However, How Do I Buy Cialis Online the methods that the researchers used to study the relationship are interesting.

At Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center we specialize in correcting posture in the Corrective Phase of treatment. For more information please contact us at and 303.670.1001.

Dr. Jason Steinle

Here is a link to the article:

The Power of Posture
How you hold yourself affects how you view yourself
Jan 13th 2011 | from PRINT EDITION

And get your bleeding hair cut, Online Kaufen Ohne Rezept Viagra Generika too!!!.“STAND up straight!” “Chest out!” “Shoulders back!” These are the perennial cries of sergeant majors and fussy parents throughout the ages. Posture certainly matters. Big is dominant and in species after species, Rxlist Hyzaar Online humans included, postures that enhance the posturer’s apparent size cause others to treat him as if he were more powerful.

The stand-up-straight brigade, however, often make a further claim: that posture affects the way the posturer treats himself, as well as how others treat him. To test the truth of this, Li Huang and Adam Galinsky, at Northwestern University in Illinois, have compared posture’s effects on self-esteem with those of a more conventional ego-booster, management responsibility. In a paper just published in Psychological Science they conclude, surprisingly, that posture may matter more.

The two researchers’ experimental animals—77 undergraduate students—first filled out questionnaires, ostensibly to assess their leadership capacity. Half were then given feedback forms which indicated that, on the basis of the questionnaires, they were to be assigned to be managers in a forthcoming experiment. The other half were told they would be subordinates. While the participants waited for this feedback, they were asked to help with a marketing test on ergonomic chairs. This required them to sit in a computer chair in a specific posture for between three and five minutes. Half the participants sat in constricted postures, with their hands under their thighs, legs together or shoulders hunched. The other half sat in expansive postures with their legs spread wide or their arms reaching outward.

In fact, neither of these tests was what it seemed. The questionnaires were irrelevant. Volunteers were assigned to be managers or subordinates at random. The test of posture had nothing to do with ergonomics. And, crucially, each version of the posture test included equal numbers of those who would become “managers” and “subordinates”.

Once the posture test was over the participants received their new statuses and the researchers measured their implicit sense of power by asking them to engage in a word-completion task. Participants were instructed to complete a number of fragments (for example, “l_ad”) with the first word that came to mind. Seven of the fragments could be interpreted as words related to power (“power”, “direct”, “lead”, “authority”, “control”, “command” and “rich”). For each of these that was filled out as a power word (“lead”, say, instead of “load”) the participant was secretly given a score of one point.

Although previous studies suggested a mere title is enough to produce a detectable increase in an individual’s sense of power, Dr Huang and Dr Galinsky found no difference in the word-completion scores of those told they would be managers and those told they would be subordinates. The posture experiment, however, did make a difference. Those who had sat in an expansive pose, regardless of whether they thought of themselves as managers or subordinates, scored an average of 3.44. Those who had sat in constricted postures scored an average of 2.78.

Having established the principle, Dr Huang and Dr Galinsky went on to test the effect of posture on other power-related decisions: whether to speak first in a debate, whether to leave the site of a plane crash to find help and whether to join a movement to free a prisoner who was wrongfully locked up. In all three cases those who had sat in expansive postures chose the active option (to speak first, to search for help, to fight for justice) more often than those who had sat crouched.

The upshot, then, is that father (or the sergeant major) was right. Those who walk around with their heads held high not only get the respect of others, they seem also to respect themselves.

Science and Technology