“Life Through Chiropractic Colored Glasses”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat does the world look like through Chiropractic colored glasses? Does your health shine brighter… are your relationships with friends and family more in focus… is your job performance sharper and crisper?

You ‘see’ everything through your nerve system – how you feel, how you interact with the people around you, how you perform at home or at work. When your nerves are stressed, the line between barely existing and fully living is blurred. However, the more clear your nerve system, the better your ability to interact physically, mentally and spiritually with the world around you; and ultimately the better your quality of Life.

When a Chiropractor adjusts the stress from your nerve system, it’s like cleaning the dirt, streaks and smudges from the lens through which you interpret your world – and with a clear lens you can see all your potential. Life is vibrant when you’re viewing it through Chiropractic glasses.

“Keeping Your Edge”

Keeping Your EdgeIf you want to be better at work, better in sports, or better for your family… regular Chiropractic care can give you the edge you’re looking for to be more productive in all aspects of your Life.

Your body’s ability to function at its best is only as good as its ability to receive and respond to messages from your Nerve System.  While good nutrition, exercise and proper rest do contribute positively to the health of every cell and tissue in your body, it’s the free flow of mental impulses within your Nerve System that keeps all those cells and tissues razor focused on their physiological tasks at hand – leading to clearer thinking on the job, better muscle reaction on the field and deeper experiences with your loved ones.

A key factor to personal success is the ability to CONSISTENTLY perform physically and mentally to your potential.  It’s no coincidence that so many pro-athletes, corporate leaders and celebrities look to Chiropractic to keep their edge.  It can help you and your family stay sharp too.

“I can turn my head easier and further than before my injury.”

Marc Bokelman“After injuring my shoulder from a fall on the ice last winter, help I began treatment at Health and Harmony Chiropractic. Working out is easier and more enjoyable now. The pain in my shoulder and neck went away and I have greater range of motion in my neck. I can turn my head easier and further than before my injury.” Marc Bokelman, Evergreen, CO.

“Innate’s In Your Corner”

Innate's in Your CornerLife can feel like a boxing match.  The stress of daily responsibilities, mental fatigue and the loss of health can beat you down.  But there’s one thing in your corner that helps you overcome it – your innate intelligence.

While uncertainty dominates today’s world, certainty prevails INSIDE your nerve system. Regardless of the battles you have in your Life – physical, mental or spiritual – you DO possess a remarkable INNATE ability to adapt and conquer them.  Chiropractic was founded on the principle that as long as your Nerve System remains patent, your inner wisdom can spar with any challenge.  Some call it ‘Nature’ others ‘Chi’ but what ever the name, that Power has been with you from the moment you were born, orchestrating all the steps required to keep you alive and well, successfully maintaining your existence.

The more clear your Nerve System, the greater your ability to go toe to toe with Life’s challenges. When stress hits you hard, hit back with Chiropractic to assure your Nerve System is clear and ready for any fight.  Innate is in your corner, getting you through the most difficult times.

“Unlearning Bad Habits”

Unlearning Bad HabitsIf you decide to take up golf without investing in a few lessons first (like our friend former NBA All Star, Charles Barkley did) you’re bound to develop some bad habits.  And once those bad habits get locked into muscle memory, don’t expect a few training sessions to fix it!  It’s going to take time and repetition to undo the damage.

Likewise, if your spine develops poor alignment and dysfunction from years of bad habits (i.e. not being checked for Subluxations regularly), don’t expect a few sessions at the Chiropractor’s to reverse the damage. A corrective care schedule is likely needed to re-train ‘normal’ back into your spine – undoing years of structural weakness, faulty muscle memory and abnormal motion.  The good news? Just like proper training and practice can eventually improve a bad golf swing, proper adjustments and a consistent schedule can improve poor spinal mechanics – reducing the threat of bigger problems down the road.

Undoing bad habits takes time, effort and commitment. But with the right coaching, hard work and a strong desire to change – you can get it done.  Make sure you follow the recommended care plan developed by your Chiropractor to get the results you’re hoping for.

“Quantity Counts”

Quantity CountsA glass of water can put out a flame, but it won’t put out a raging forest fire – right idea, but it’s lacking in appropriate quantity.  The same can be said for results and Chiropractic care.

The purpose of multiple adjustments is to keep your nerve system ‘clear’ long enough for your body to grow into a new, healthier state.  For many (especially if you suffer will long standing, chronic health issues) that means frequent sessions to assure your innate intelligence has unrestricted nerve pathways and the proper TIME required to accomplish the healing.  Note, adjustments don’t get you well… it’s the time you remain subluxation free that does.

One day at the gym won’t turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger and a single Paleo meal won’t make you skinny.  Exercise and proper nutrition can get you healthy, but they need to be repeated regularly to see real change.  Likewise, desired Chiropractic results come from time, repetition and a sustained clear nerve system.

“Don’t Blame the Tee”

Don't Blame the TeeIt’s just a golf tee, a small piece of wood barely weighing an ounce.  But when you bent to pick it up after finishing the last hole, it may as well have been a 300 lb barbell.  You felt your back pop and now the searing spasm is setting in.  How could such a little thing cause such a big problem?

What you didn’t realize is your spine had been going bad for some time now.  At some point, your vertebrae lost their alignment – possibly a few months ago from a minor slip or maybe from years of neglect.  Subtle nerve pressure ensued (subluxation) and now your muscles are doing just about all they can to keep you upright.  Bending over on the 9th green was literally the last tee that broke the camel’s back. 

When a minor act turns into a major injury, it’s not what you did that concerns your Chiropractor the most – it’s what you’re NOT doing that does.  Let it be a lesson to pay more attention to the maintenance needs of your spine.  Do the smart thing – stay regular with your spinal adjustments to prevent a repeat event.