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According to a NCHS Data brief by the CDC, over the last 10 years the percentage of Americans who took at least one prescription drug in the past month increased from 44% to 48%.  The use of two or more drugs increased from 25% to 31%.  The use of five or more drugs increased from 6% to 11%.   Yet despite taking all these drugs, the US embarrassingly ranks 37th among the world’s industrial countries when it comes overall health.

For Chiropractors, health is not defined by how many symptoms you can temporarily ‘whack away’ with drugs, but how well your body can adapt to its environment and heal under its own innate abilities.  You have more healing intelligence in your little finger than all the doctors and pharmacies in the world put together.   Big Pharma doesn’t believe so, but Chiropractors do.  Keep your Nerve System clear and you won’t have to play their failing game.

Good Chiropractic Care + Your Innate Intelligence = A Healthy Nerve System

google innate copyHow much stomach acid does it take to digest a cheeseburger? Or, how much calcium is needed to heal a broken leg? How about a fever, how high should it reach to fight a common cold? You don’t need to surf Google for the answers, your INNATE search engine already knows.

If you doubt there’s genius inside you, just consider this – the 50,000,000 cells in your body that will die while you read this sentence… your innate intelligence knows how to replace every single one of them. The trillions of mental impulses coursing through your Nerve System at this moment… innate is moving them at speeds approaching 248 mile per hour.  The number of heartbeats you’ll get in your lifetime… innate reserved around 3 billion for you.

Google may be the web’s leading source for information, but it’s got nothing over your innate intelligence when it comes to keeping you alive and well. Innate has solutions to just about any health challenge you have. All you have to do is search within to find the answer.

“Put Chiropractic on top of your itinerary.”

Subluxation VacationToes in the sand, treatment not a cloud in the sky, ed 75 degree water temps.  Vacations are the perfect time to decompress, spend precious time with family and friends and reconnect with your soul.  What could possibly stress your body?

How about ten days of sleep on a mushy mattress?  Or two hours of novice water skiing / body dragging lessons. Not to mention the bottomless Mojito’s and obligatory trips to the dessert buffet… and don’t forget nursing that nasty sunburn from day three.  Unfortunately, stress doesn’t take time off.  The scenery may change, but your nerve system is still hard at work – reacting and adapting to those “relaxing” shifts in routine.  It’s a prime opportunity to become Subluxated.

If you’ve been away from the office for a while, we hope you’re well rested.  But now it’s time to get back on track and into a healthy regimen; especially getting your spine checked and cleared of Subluxations.  When you need to recover from vacation – put Chiropractic on top of your itinerary.

Your Innate

SONY DSCScoop up a cup of water from the ocean and in that vessel you’ll have some ocean – not the actual ocean, but a part of the ocean, composed of the same physical, chemical and substantive properties. The same can be said for the intelligent force of Life within us and its relationship to a greater force that governs the cosmos.

The innate intelligence or ‘organizing wisdom’ within you is part of a greater intelligence that holds the entire universe in organized existence… you being the vessel in which it expresses itself. Your innate intelligence may not be THE entire intelligence of the universe, but instead a part of it… limited only by the matter through which it manifests. And this intelligent, inner power which holds YOU together has one purpose – to sustain your existence on the planet.

So think about it. If you INDEED possess a portion of the same intelligence that gives stars their glow, planets their orbit and flowers their scent, why would you put your faith in an inanimate pill or potion to manage your health? Maybe because you don’t realize the Power you have in your ‘tea cup.’ The most important job we have as Chiropractors, is to show you what you are innately made of – and to teach you how to safeguard it. Do you trust the power you have within to heal you?

“The first adjustment wasn’t for back pain.”

The First AdjustmentHere’s how it all started as told by our founder Dr. D.D. Palmer in September of 1895…

“Harvey Lillard, a janitor, in the Ryan Block, where I had my office, had been so deaf for 17 years that he could not hear the racket of a wagon on the street or the ticking of a watch.  I made inquiry as to the cause of his deafness and was informed that when he was exerting himself in a cramped, stooping position, he felt something give way in his back and immediately became deaf.

An examination showed a vertebra racked from its normal position.  I reasoned that if that vertebra was replaced, the man’s hearing should be restored.  With this object in view, a half hour’s talk persuaded Mr. Lillard to allow me to replace it.  I racked it into position by using the spinous process as a lever and soon the man could hear as before.

There was nothing ‘accidental’ about this, as it was accomplished with an object in view, and the result expected was obtained.  There was nothing ‘crude’ about this adjustment; it was specific, so much so that no Chiropractor has equaled it.”

And that’s how Chiropractic was born – good thing D.D. was a great persuader!

Regular Chiropractic care can locate and correct your ‘Achilles Heel’.

Your Achilles SubluxationIn Greek mythology, Achilles obtained his powers of strength and invincibility when his mother dipped him into the River Styxx.  But because she held him by his heel, it was not washed by the water of the magical river.  Achilles survived many great battles but as fate would have it, a poisonous arrow found the weak spot in his heel, leading to his death.  Thus the phrase ‘Achilles Heel’ – a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, which can potentially lead to downfall.

Recurring weak spots in your spine (subluxations) can lead to your potential downfall if neglected.  While Achilles acquired his vulnerability from a mother’s mistake, we acquire our own spinal weaknesses from a myriad of poor postural habits, physical traumas and accidents – everyone has their own specific ‘Achilles Subluxation’ which rears its ugly head when we’re under too much stress.

Because we all experience daily stresses in life, it’s important to locate your specific subluxation pattern and correct it before it has a negative effect on your health. Regular, protective Chiropractic care does just that.  If you have a weak spot in your armor, Chiropractic can give you the strength needed to over come it.

“One of the most important benefits of Chiropractic care is the restoration of normal alignment and mechanics to your spine.”

Potters Clay AlignmentOne of the most important benefits of Chiropractic care is the restoration of normal alignment and mechanics to your spine.  But getting the shape back to where it should be takes time and effort… especially if your spine is tight and rigid to begin with.

If you’ve ever worked with a fresh block of modeling clay, order you know how tough it can be to mold right from the start.  You have to work with it – kneading and loosening it until it becomes pliable.  The more you work with it, the more malleable it becomes and shaping becomes easier.  Re-establishing the normal front alignment and lateral curves of your spine is no different.

If your spine has never been adjusted before, it’s not uncommon to feel some tightness or soreness in the early ‘kneading’ part of care.  But don’t worry, it’s only temporary – much like the soreness you feel the first time at the gym.  With each adjustment you’ll gain more flexibility, and with more flexibility – less tension and discomfort.

“In Chiropractic, preventative care focuses on supporting the one system dedicated to preserving the health of your whole body.”

Railroad crossing sign againts a blue sky with cloudaMedical preventative care focuses mainly on the early detection and treatment of disease.  Their thinking – if you catch a condition in its earliest stage (i.e. breast cancer or diabetes), you have a better chance of managing it.  Although that rationale bears some truth, it leaves you waiting for the train wreck to happen before you can do anything about it.

In Chiropractic, preventative care focuses on supporting the ONE system dedicated to preserving the health of your whole body, your Spine and Nerve System.  Because all normal body functions are first patterned in your Nerve System, so must ‘dis-ease’ be patterned in your Nerves System (subluxation) before it develops into an illness.  It simply makes more sense to avoid the train wreck in your spine, before it manifests in your body.

The best prevention doesn’t simply ‘test and wait’ until you develop the disease… it focuses on removing the cause before it has a chance to manifest.  That begins with interference in your nerve system.  Are your loved ones protecting their health with preventative Chiropractic care?

Happy 4th of July!

Flag1Wishing all of our patients and their families a safe, order healthy and fun Independence Day and holiday weekend! We will be back in the office on Tuesday, July 8th at 9 am.


Prescription Medicine On The American FlagIn a recent Mayo Clinic study, here researchers determined that nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, sovaldi sale and more than half receive at least two prescriptions.  Twenty percent of U.S. patients were also found to be on five or more prescription medications.   When it comes to health, Americans aren’t as free as we think we are.

Chiropractors believe true freedom comes from IN-Dependence – relying on the Power that made you, to heal you and keep you well.  IN-Dependent Chiropractic patients know they innately possess what it takes to heal.  They trust in the wisdom of their bodies to handle what ails them instead of running to the medicine cabinet for every cough or sniffle.   They‘re the 30% who would rather give Mother Nature the chance to do her job, than usurp her roll with drug intervention.

Big Pharma won’t stop advertising and pushing their products until we’re 100% dependent on them.  This Fourth of July when you’re celebrating our country’s freedom, take a moment to reflect on your body’s freedom as well.  Are you truly as IN-dependent as you want to be?