Safeguarding Your Health

Chiropractic VaultIf health is our most precious treasure, stress is a menacing thief trying to rob us of it every day.  And if you’re not diligently protecting your health against potential break-ins, chances are you’ll lose it without any warning.

Stress negatively affects our health in many ways, but perhaps the most devastating is its effect on our Nerve System.  Studies have shown a link between stress and a phenomena called Sympathetic Dominance – a condition where the ‘fight or flight’ functions of your Nerve System become chronically overactive, leading to overload in organic functions, fatigue and eventually disease (1).  The good news…

When stress is trying to rob you blind, Chiropractic care is the vault protecting your most valuable assets.  Just don’t use it for bad backs and bad necks.  You can rely on regular adjustments to safeguard your nerve system and preserve your WHOLE health.  It’s for so much more than pain relief.

(1) Chronic Activation of the Sympathetic Nervous  System Journal of Applied Physiology 12/2010 Vol 109 Esler. et al.

Stick with the mission plan and you’ll reach your destination.

Getting off the LaunchpadIn its heyday, tadalafil the space shuttle would generate nearly 8 million pounds of thrust just to lift itself off the launch pad into the atmosphere.  Once beyond the earth’s gravitational pull, it didn’t require as much effort to stay in space and could effortlessly cruise at 17,500 mph with a fraction of that power.   The same can be said for your Chiropractic care plan.

The start of any healthy endeavor requires more effort – in Chiropractic that means more visits in the beginning to break free from the gravity of dis-ease and build forward momentum.  Once free from the ‘pull’ of poor habits and chronic illness, it requires less effort to keep you aloft. 

It takes more effort to get off the initial care launch pad than it does to stay in a healthy orbit.  If you want to get results, expect to put more work in at the beginning of your care.   Your chiropractic team is ready to help you along the way… just stick with the mission plan and you’ll reach your destination.

When it comes to unlocking a tight back, it’s best to seek the advice of a master spinal locksmith.

Get Adjusted KeyYou’ve been to an osteopath.  You’ve tried physical therapy and faithfully did all the exercises they prescribed.  But still your spine feels tight, rigid and locked up.  In your case, Chiropractic may hold the right key. 

Unlike the gross manipulative therapy done by PT’s and osteopaths, or the general movement offered by prescribed exercises, specific Chiropractic adjustments ONLY target the parts of your spine that need work.  Specificity is the key to results – knowing what spinal segments to move, when to move them and how much force to use is paramount to getting a favorable outcome… and that requires a skill set taught only in a reputable Chiropractic College.

You wouldn’t use a sledge hammer to bust open your front door if the right key was handy to unlock it safely.  The same goes for your spine.  When it comes to unlocking a tough, painful back it’s best to seek the advice of a master spinal locksmith (a DC) who knows what they’re doing.  In the long run you’ll save time, money and frustration hiring the right person for the job.