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I came to Dr. Steinle (Jason) a few months back with, of all things, a nagging shoulder injury. Lower back pain was also an issue, but not near as immediate. Jason did a full workup on me and discovered a number of things that could be addressed to correct my posture and help heal a torn muscle in my rotator cuff. My shoulder is nearly 100 percent now and my education about my body is highly increased. I never knew I had hyper lordosis or flat feet! My family practice physician of ten years never pointed it out, and he was good, too. Jason has prescribed orthopedic shoe inserts and Kinesio tape to assist my body in posture correction and healing. It’s unbelievable what the Kinesio tape can do. He helped me tape my fiance’s shins to help with shin splints and she did the Colfax Half Marathon last week with zero pain in her shins! She couldn’t run 2 miles without pain before that. Jason is amazing. I believe it’s because he truly loves what he does and really cares for his patients. A person can tell this as soon as they walk into his office. He is continuously educating himself on the latest techniques and is experienced and confident in what he does. I don’t feel rushed when I visit and know that my health is important to him. I know this sounds like an infomercial, but Jason is one of the few doctors I’ve visited that has the education, experience, knowing, confidence, and compassion I’ve been looking for in a health care provider. I live 30 minutes from him in Denver and don’t take a second thought about the drive when I go to my weekly appointments. He really IS worth the drive and the extra time it takes for me to visit. As shared above, my shoulder is almost healed and my posture is improving. I get weekly adjustments that include muscle massage (he’s a certified massage therapist) and gentle adjustments. My change in posture has change, of all things, my feeling of confidence. Walking straighter and taller with the correct posture not only makes me appear more confident but helps me feel more confident. Must be that body-mind-spirit connection thing I hear about all the time here in Denver. Thank you Jason for your time, your wisdom, your knowledge and your true compassion! May your life be blessed and good fortune come your way in return for your gifts!

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