Debilitating Neck Pain Relieved!

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Meet Pastor David Meurer.  He came to us with debilitating neck pain.  He couldn’t pick up his children or lead worship at Bergen Park Church in Evergreen, Colorado.

“Three weeks ago, guys, bottom line is I could not move my head.  I could not even really move my back.  And now, I’m feeling better than ever.  I came to Health and Harmony and these guys have really just changed my life!”

Watch his testimonial-

This Health and Harmony has pretty much changed my life!  I came in about three weeks ago and couldn’t move my neck.  Couldn’t really either move side to side.  I have two kids, and I’m very athletic. I do a lot of fitness activities and I also preach at Bergen Park Church.  The fact of the matter is the strenuous activities of being a parent and being active and having an active lifestyle really just took a toll on me.  And what ended up happening was I came to Health and Harmony and these guys have really just changed my life.  I’m on a recovery plan.  I’m on this therapy that it’s just brought my energy level up.  Three weeks ago, guys, bottom line is I could not move my head.  I could not even really move my back.  And now, I feel better than ever.  I was just filling out a little survey while I was waiting in the waiting room, and the fact is nobody has ever asked me before, “Has this changed your quality of life?”  And the answer is, “Absolutely!  Who doesn’t want a better quality of life?  Especially living in Colorado.  So I HIGHLY recommend  Health and Harmony Chiropractic care for you and your family.  They do babies, they do adults, they do every age, and it’s absolutely worth it!

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