Don’t Let Yourself Get Rusty!

Rusted BoltDoes it take a while for you to get going in the morning? Are you joints stiff and achy when you first wake up, sildenafil and take a few hours to loosen? Stiff, shop tired joints can leave you feeling and acting much older than you are.

Motion is Life. If you let anything sit in one place too long, it’s bound to freeze up like a rusted bolt. Spinal joints, subjected to long standing fixations (Vertebral Subluxations) are no different. That’s why maintenance chiropractic care is so beneficial. Adjustments unlock ‘stuck’ joints before they become painful, arthritic and frozen in place – the longer you wait between visits, the more work required to get them moving again.

Like rusted bolts, chronically fixated joints take TLC and more frequent adjustments to become free again. If you want to avoid that hassle, the smart move would be to visit Dr. Steinle regularly and not let them get that bad in the first place.

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