9Health Fair Spine Screenings

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9Health Fair Certificate

Jason C. Steinle, sovaldi sale DC of Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center provided spinal screenings at the 9 News Health Fair. The event was co-hosted by Highland Rescue Team and Mt. Vernon Country Club on April 25th.

The purpose of the spine screening is to evaluate and teach about the importance of proper spinal alignment required for a healthy body. Community members from Genesee, unhealthy Lookout Mountain, Golden, Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Denver and Lakewood participated in the event.

Despite the overnight snow the 9Health Fair was very well attended.

The spine evaluation was a popular screening at the event. “The 9Health Fair provides a valuable service to the community,” said Dr. Jason Steinle. “I am glad I was asked to be a part of it.”

For more information about the 9Health Fair click here http://www.9healthfair.org

For more information about Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center click here http://www.healthandharmonychiropractic.com

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