Dr. Steinle is the best

“I have always had back pain that I have attributed to stress. Now, recipe I am in college and between the stress and a backpack that weighs a ton, I have felt more tension and pain than usual in my shoulders and upper back. Before coming to Health and Harmony Chiropractic, I was stressed, tired and frequently found it difficult to breathe. I have just recently started seeing Dr. Steinle regularly and after each visit I feel revived and it is 100 percent easier to go about my day. From our first meeting, Dr. Steinle was interested in relieving the pain I was feeling at that time as well as preventing future pain with adjustments and a plan to mend my posture. I have nothing but positive regard for Dr. Steinle – he is professional, kind and honestly interested in the health and wellness both mentally and physically of each individual patient. I can tell you from experience that treating your chiropractic needs at Health and Harmony Chiropractic will result in both immediate and long-term relief as well as a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

-Shayla Covington
Denver, Colorado
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