The following is my testimonial on extending my walking limitation from a couple minutes to somewhere over 100 miles.dscn1913
I needed to start training to climb a 26, advice 900’ mountain in the Himalayas. The problem was I couldn’t walk more than a couple minutes without being in excruciating foot pain. I tried almost everything during my first 2 years of plantar fasciitis. I saw several specialist doctors, buy cialis had 17 sessions of physical therapy, price 23 sessions of acupuncture, saw a holistic doctor, had shoe inserts made at 3 different places, and finally saw a specialist doctor one last time. I was told there was nothing more that could be done and to limit my walking, as every step was making my condition worse. Discouraged, I finally gave up hope. My mountaineering was over and I’d just have to live with foot pain. I kept my walking to a minimum, became sedentary, and gained weight.dscn1875 dscn1897

After 6 years of living with my pain, I was advised to seek chiropractic help. I saw drastic and immediate improvement after 1 chiropractic session. My problem was locked joints in my foot. My weight was being transferred to the outside of my foot which was intended for balance, not taking the brunt of my body weight. Thus my foot became inflamed and painful. When the joints were moving again, weight distribution went back to the inside of my foot and the pain immediately subsided. I was also advised to get a particular type of orthotic which also helped my problem.

Dr. Steinle has manipulated the joints in my foot to keep them from locking up again. I was walking once again, all day if I wanted. But I ran into one other problem. A nerve in my spine leading to my right hip was being pinched. My hip pain was now limiting my walking. A doctor told me to discontinue anything that aggravated my hip, which included walking. Dr. Steinle has worked on providing more space between the affected discs and I am now able to walk again. It was a race against the clock to get me in shape to walk the West Highland Way in Scotland, a 100 mile hike in 9 days. But Dr. Steinle didn’t let me down. He gave me the thumbs up to go and I just returned from my trip. I completed the hike, parts over very rough terrain, right on schedule.
I never thought I would be able to walk more than a few minutes, much less walk 100 miles. I found that my walking is now probably unlimited.
I might add that Dr. Steinle has also eliminated my back pain, probably caused by carrying heavy loads during years of mountaineering. A specialist doctor told me to just leave my back alone and the joints in my spine would eventually fuse. That didn’t sound like a very promising solution. Dr. Steinle has kept my vertebrae moving and increased the vertebrae spacing which has eliminated my back pain. X-rays have shown my back is returning to its correct curvature.
Without chiropractic help, I would be a painful couch potato. Now I go on 45 minute daily walks, hike, and ride my mountain bike. I am so grateful that I sought chiropractic help. It’s such a blessing to have my life back after 6 years of pain and suffering.
~Rick Bjorn

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