“I absolutely knew that I had come to the right place.”

Jeff Sabol“I was working in a crawl space on a plumbing project for a prolonged period of time at a not very comfortable angle. After completing the project (4 hours), generic my lower back was in pain and I was having muscle spasms. After 2 days it subsided. Two weeks later I was on a beach building a sand castle with my nephew and reinjured my lower back. After 4 days the pain and muscle spasms subsided. 2 weeks later I was dirt biking with my son and reinjured it a third time. After 4 days the pain and muscle spasms subsided. At this point it was evident that this injury was not something that was going to go away by itself. The injury was starting to affect my work as I was not able to sit at my desk without discomfort; driving was uncomfortable; reaching down to pull the parking brake on my truck was very painful, troche and I had to tense up and deal with the pain every time I put socks and shoes on. It definitely slowed me down when playing with the kids or doing other activities that I normally enjoyed. Heck – I started to feel like an ‘old man’. Being that this was probably related to a pinched nerve in my lower back, viagra sale and that a typical “western” doctor would have just prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers (which would not have solved the problem) I then looked online for a chiropractor that was local. I did my research and concluded that Health and Harmony looked to be my best option. I chose Dr. Steinle’s office because after reading his biography (on their website) it showed his passion for what he does, through not only his previous occupation as a massage therapist but also his book writing endeavors, all of which not only showcase his overall knowledge of body mechanics but also speak of his desire to truly help people. And the testimonials, well, they speak for themselves.
At my initial assessment, Dr. Steinle had me get a couple of x-rays. Upon review of them, it was evident that I had a pinched nerve (subluxation) between L1 and L5 vertebrae and that L5 was out of alignment. This misalignment was also affecting my upper back as I have a slight case of scoliosis that I’ve known I’ve had for many years. My first adjustment was more than I could have ever hoped for! WOW! I’m not telling a lie when I say that I (being a guy) had to hold some emotion back because of the immediate relief that I felt after that first adjustment. It was then that I absolutely knew that I had come to the right place. Dr. Steinle then worked up a wellness plan for me for the next couple of months that included additional adjustments, a prescribed series of home exercises and the use of some simple equipment for me to use at home that would help to aid in the healing process.
The difference has been night and day. The pain in my lower back is 100% gone and my life has returned to the way it once was. I often forget that I was partially debilitated only a very short time ago. I can 100% attest that without his knowledge and expertise (and after looking at the initial x-rays) that I made the right decision not only to get chiropractic care now (rather than waiting) but that I also made the right decision when I chose Dr. Steinle’s office.” Jeff Sabol, Kittredge, CO

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