Infant Constipation Relieved through Chiropractic Care!

Meet Baby Samuel, who had been having constipation troubles and hadn’t had a bowel movement in eight days.  His parents were patients of Dr. Steinle and had mentioned that he had been having this issue.  Dr. Steinle suggested doing an adjustment.  The results were drug-free relief from constipation.

Chiropractic is good for all ages.

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Hi. I’m Melissa, and this is Samuel. We’ve been coming to Dr. Steinle for a couple years, before he was even born. Then when we had him, my husband mentioned the fact that he hadn’t pooped in eight days. So of course the (medical) doctors want to do all kinds of things. Dr. Steinle said, “Let’s do an adjustment on his lower back.” If that could possibly get him moving… and ever since then he’s been pooping every day! You don’t want to really deal with poop, but once we see it, and it’s there every day, it’s pretty important. So we’re pretty happy with our progress, and now we’re getting stinky every day. Its great.

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