Innovative, drug- and surgery-free program offers relief for weekend warriors, baby boomers and others

Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center is Offering the Three Phases of Care Program for Soft Tissue Injury Management and Recovery

Evergreen, buy cialis Colorado June 27, salve 2011 – Weekend warriors, back pain sufferers, and anyone else who may be feeling discomfort from soft tissue injury have a local, natural resource for healing and recovery. Chiropractor Jason C. Steinle, of Health and Harmony Chiropractic in Evergreen is offering the Three Phases of Care Program, a non-surgical, drug-free injury, healing, and recovery protocol developed by chiropractors across North America in conjunction with research and nutrition company, Metagenics, Inc.

“Many people visit our office seeking relief from discomfort due to injury,” said Dr. Steinle. “But all too often, they discontinue therapy once the pain is gone. This is unfortunate because the absence of pain doesn’t mean that the injury has completely healed. In fact, discontinuing therapy too early can be counterproductive, as it significantly increases the risk of re-injury and makes full recovery that much harder.”

The Three Phases of Care Program combines traditional chiropractic care with science-based nutrition to enhance the body’s natural healing process. “After trauma, our bodies undergo three distinct phases on the road to recovery,” explained Steinle. “The program is unique in that it incorporates researched, targeted nutrients to support each stage of healing. It basically guides the patient to long term recovery and wellness.” Integral to the program are professional-grade nutrients shown to support each critical phases of recovery and continuing wellness.

Although many people think of visiting their chiropractor for back problems, according to Dr. Steinle, “the Three Phases of Care Program is effective for anyone suffering from discomfort resulting from soft tissue trauma.” That includes but is not exclusive to: acute injuries, over-extended joints, vertebral misalignment, muscle spasms/muscle pain, sprains/strains, disc injuries, or chronic flare-ups caused by old injuries. “I’ve seen dozens of patients find lasting relief through the Three Phases Program. I urge anyone seeking an all natural solution to their discomfort to consider this unique program.”

About Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Health and Harmony Chiropractic offers chiropractic care and customized nutrition programs and has been serving the Evergreen and Front Range community since 2001. It is located at 1202 Bergen Parkway, Suite 206, Evergreen, CO. Dr. Steinle can be reached at 303.670.1001 or For more information on the clinic visit

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