Leg Pain Relief!

Janet came to us not having the quality of life she wanted. Her troubles of being in constant pain for four weeks, hurting when walking, and waking multiple times at night, were taking their toll. After only nine days of following her chiropractic plan with Dr. Steinle, she has been without pain. Watch this video, as she emotionally shares where she was before, and now, having the quality of her life back.

Hi my name is Janet Brown. I was having constant pain for four weeks, with shooting pains from the front of my leg. I couldn’t walk without hurting and couldn’t sleep without waking up four or five times a night. Then a friend of mine said, “You need to go to the chiropractor.” I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” So I have been coming to Dr. Jason now. This is my ninth day, the ninth day without pain. I can walk. I’m going to start playing again with my grandchildren. I’ve got my life. I didn’t have quality of life when I came in, and now I have the quality back. I am so thankful. Dr. Jason is the best.

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