Ms. Jeanine awarded the Super Star Chiropractic Assistant award.


Ms. Jeanine was recently awarded the Super Star Chiropractic Assistant award.  Congratulations Jeanine, ailment on a well-deserved honor!


Here is her account of receiving the award.


“While attending a continuing education conference with Dr. Steinle, discount I was presented with the Super Star Chiropractic Assistant award! Now, prescription I don’t want to brag, but this IS COOL! I have received previous awards, and appreciated all of them. Dr. Steinle is not only a good doctor, but he’s a good and encouraging boss! It was him who put my name in to receive these awards. The earlier ones were lapel pins, of which I will explain in a moment.

So all the pin awards have been presented. I’m clapping my congratulations along with everyone else. Two awards remain on the table. They are trophies. I’m thinking these are going to doctors. I’m too far away to read the plaque that’s attached to the front of each one, but I see the shiny stars! I’m relaxing in my chair because I don’t have to get up in front of everyone, or get my picture taken…and then I hear my name! I was really surprised!

                The first one I received looks like a sun (the Sunshine Award) for the way I greet each patient and make them feel welcome. The second one is shaped like a diamond (the Diamond Award), for being a valued employee to Dr. Steinle. The third has a green stone (the Emerald Award), acknowledging my dedication and diligence with which I work.

                And now the Super Star Award! I’m honored to receive them, and happy to be a part of serving so many wonderful patients.”




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