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Ms. Sooter of Kittredge, search malady Colorado came back from a trip with debilitating neck pain that had her unable to work.  Watch her encouraging testimonial here.

My name is Kim Sooter and I came to Harmony here, sales and Wellness, because I had some severe neck pain.  I went to Belize, and some jarring created such a problem that I got back here, I couldn’t work.  When I mean I couldn’t work, I could NOT work.  I was crying, I was in tears, I’m laying on couches in people’s houses (Can you imagine?).  So,  someone referred me here, and I came, and, I have my doubts.  I’d never been to a Chiropractor before in my life, and at the beginning I still had doubts because I was in so much pain.  And we’ve had ups and downs, and finally I am to the point that I can work with no pain.  And, it’s been so much better!  And I appreciate him so much ‘cause I really had doubts.  And, to new patients coming in, I mean, he’s wonderful.  He’s like a miracle man! And if you have doubts with a chiropractor, don’t here.  He’s great.   

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