Posture Improvement!


Meet Mack Allen who was having trouble sleeping and noticed his posture was affecting him in multiple ways. After being under our care, he noticed his posture changing, his low back loosening up, and he was sleeping better. Mack reports his mental health improved too. Overall he says it feels really good. His following the prescribed chiropractic plan gave him much relief!

When I first came to Health and Harmony, I had tension in my lower back. I couldn’t sleep well. It was hard doing daily activities only because I felt restricted in my lower back. I had bad posture, and I felt that I looked bad. My esteem was low, as well as my mental health, because of my back problems. After about 5 weeks here and multiple corrections, I can sleep a lot better, my back’s looking better, I’ve gotten a lot better posture. I feel really good mentally, as well as physically, as I do every day activities and do my homework. And, it feels really good just to be happy with myself.

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