Pregnancy Success – Sciatica Relief

Meet Ms. Melissa Stranaly. In this video, salve she is 39 weeks pregnant. She had horrible sciatic pain for about 3 weeks during her pregnancy. Now she is feeling so much better and ready for delivery!

I’m Melissa. I’ve been seeing Dr. Steinle for over 3 years. My husband and I have been having a little trouble getting pregnant. We finally got pregnant. I’ve had some pain throughout the pregnancy on and off. I had some horrible pain for about three weeks. I think the sciatic nerve.

I came in with Dr. Steinle every week, ambulance and it’s 100% better. So, I don’t know how I’d have gotten this far without him. It’s been amazing. And now that we have 5 days left, and I’ll be delivering. I can’ imagine having to deliver in that kind of pain, with the added pain of delivery. But now, I’m feeling so much better and ready to go. And we’re just hoping for a happy, healthy delivery.

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