Are you missing out on golfing due to pain?
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Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center 
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"I was walking around with pain in my calf and foot for several months.  I thought it was due to an injured IT band.  My friend recommended that I come see Dr. Steinle because he had helped her.  I sort of resisted a little bit because of the drive from Denver. Now I have been coming to him for almost two months and have many days where I am totally pain-free.  On the other days the pain is much diminished from what it was when I started.  I am back to playing golf and am convinced that once I am finished with the process I will continue to have chiropractic with Dr. Steinle regularly as a preventative maintenance.  The drive is really quite doable and it’s a nice getting to see Dr Steinle, Madison and Megan. It has been a great help! "