Leg Pain and Numbness

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Jane Sweet

Evergreen, Colorado



"For two months, I had pain in my left calf and foot, with no relief when I did my usual therapy. It was affecting all of my physical activities, and frankly, making me feel OLD. My friend recommended Dr. Steinle, but I was hesitant due to the 30-mile drive from Denver. I decided to make the commitment and am so glad I did! After two months of visits to Health and Harmony, I am back to my walking and hiking and golf, without any surgery! The trip to this lovely Bergen Park respite is well worth the ride, not to mention being welcomed by Madison and Meghan and Dr. Steinle. I know I will continue to visit regularly for preventative maintenance and recommend Health and Harmony to others!"

Susanne Lansing

Denver, CO


"I was having constant pain for four weeks, with shooting pains from the front of my leg.  I couldn’t walk without hurting and couldn’t sleep without waking up four or five times a night. Then a friend of mine said, “You need to go to the chiropractor.”  I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  So I have been coming to Dr. Jason now.  This is my ninth day, the ninth day without pain.  I can walk.  I’m going to start playing again with my grandchildren.  I’ve got my life.  I didn’t have quality of life when I came in, and now I have the quality back. I am so thankful. Dr. Jason is the best."

Janet Brown

Evergreen, CO


Are you suffering from leg pain and/or numbness?
Please call us at 303.670.1001

Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center
1202 Bergen Pkwy, #102
Evergreen, CO 80439