Migraine Headaches

Migraine Success - Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Evergreen, CO“I was having debilitating migraine headaches on a regular basis.  I had visited several medical doctors and other chiropractors but it did not help.  I started seeing Dr. Steinle and now have not had a migraine in over 6 weeks.  It is a miracle! I did not think it was possible to be headache free.  Thank you Dr. Steinle!”
Mary DeBeats
Evergreen, Colorado

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"I had a debilitating migraine for four days and couldn’t even work the last two days. I had been taking pain meds that didn’t touch it. After my first “emergency” visit I was adjusted and the headache disappeared immediately. My eyesight also improved and became very sharp. Today I feel better and can work without having the headaches.”
Kevin Milani
Broomfield, Colorado


"When I first came to Dr. Jason, I was in a whole lot of pain.  My neck was really immobile.  I had some migraines and tingling down my left arm.  It was keeping me from snowboarding throughout the wintertime and getting outside as much as I wanted to be.  But only after a month and a half I’m already having a much more increased range of motion in my neck.  Along with, though snowboarding season is over, I was able to get out a few times.  And, I’m already outside disc golfing again and hiking.  So I’m able to do the things I really want to do again and completely pain free.  So I’m looking forward to continued treatment and continue progress with my neck especially, and my left shoulder."
Victor Bizzarri
Bailey, CO

 "I came to Jason's office in November seeking help to deal with several health issues. I had mild lower back pain, severe neck pain, blinding migraines multiple times a week, numbness in my fingers and immune issues. I'm currently about a month into treatment and I feel like a different person. My lower back pain almost immediately disappeared, I started sleeping better, I don't have any numbness in my fingers, my immune issues are greatly improved and I haven't had a migraine in about 3 weeks (and if you've ever had a migraine, you understand how miraculous this is!). Dr. Jason has been great throughout my entire treatment. He helped me to understand how the misalignment of my spine was affecting me, and clearly explained not only what he was doing, but some steps that I could take at home to reinforce the treatment given in his office. I am very happy that I stumbled into his care -- thank you, Dr. Jason!"
Kimberly Aksamit
Denver, Colorado

Smith, Sarah“I was getting several migraines per week and I couldn’t sleep; school and work were both suffering.  I am now migraine and pain free!  My everyday life has improved drastically.  I have focus and energy to do whatever I want to do.  I have not taken any pain medication in many weeks.”
Sarah Smith
Idaho Springs, CO

Davis, Trevor“I had constant migraines that never seemed to go away.  I would pull muscles in my back all the time.  My everyday life has improved drastically.  My migraines are practically gone and my back is virtually injury free.  The experience has been great.  Everyone is so nice and very professional.”
Trevor Davis
Evergreen, CO

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