Shoulder Pain

“The paiBokelman, Marcn in my shoulder and neck went away. I have greater range of motion in my neck. Working out is easier and more enjoyable now!

Marc Bokelman

Evergreen, CO

Shoulder Pain Success Stories


"If you have any aches, ailments, anything hurting you, I highly recommend you come in here because Dr. Steinle got me back on track and living a very healthy, active, happy life and you can do it too!"

Scot Pardi

Lakewood, CO


Ingrid Hedfors

Canton, MI


"My name is Tom Harvey.  I’m 59 years old.  I have been coming to Dr. Steinle for 7 or 8 or 9 years for a variety of things.  Most recently I started having extreme level 9 and 10 pain in my right shoulder.  I could barely use it.  I am a parent of some very young children, and I noticed that I was being very much incapacitated in being able to have a productive and quality life with them.  So, I came to see him once again, and we started working on it.  And, I slowly start, not slowly, it was actually pretty fast improvement to where I noticed things.  I travel a lot, and being able to get my bag from the overhead bin.  You know, it was embarrassing when elderly people or smaller people would ask me to help them, and I was the one that actually needed the help.  So, overtime I am impressed with the fact that he has found different ways to address my problem, not just one way starting with the cervical vertebrae, and then the alignment of the rotator cuff and all the crazy muscles of the shoulder that he has explained to me, that have to work together to give you probably the most moveable joint in your entire body.  We have worked down to where I am now  in the 3 to 2 range.  I think that I could probably take over Brock Oschweiler’s job now.  I’m very thankful to Dr. Steinle.  I think that what he’s doing here is very good work.  It helps people.  There is an atmosphere here of a holistic way of just helping someone, and it has certainly helped me. "


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