Sports Injury

Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center provides athletes with personalized plans to recover quickly from sports injuries. 
We are very proud of the quick recovery time and records that our patients are achieving.
From winning Iron Man competitions (that's right...Iron Man) to getting back into the football and volleyball game, we understand that each patient has goals that are unique and important in his/her life.
Please give us a call to find out how we can be of help to you. You may reach us at (303) 670-1001

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Evergreen Chiropractic CyclingJim Copeland (pictured in center) won 1st place in his age at the ACA State Road Race Championships in Salida, CO! Mr. Copeland also won 1st place in his age group at the Sunshine Hill Climb in Boulder, CO! Great job Mr. Copeland!  

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 KaEvegreen Chiropractic and Triathlonthleen Allen won 1st place at the Evergreen Triathlon.  Ms. Allen has an incredible story.  You may read about why this Iron Man athlete is referred to as Iron Mom.  Here is a great story on Ms. Allen.



Dressage Evergreen ChiropracticJessica Pontiakos won a 1st and 2nd place at Dressage in the Rockies! Says Jessica, “If you enjoy the outdoors and doing fun things and want to stay that way, come and see Dr. Steinle because he can fix it all!”



Low Back Success Story

 Professional climber, photographer, filmmaker Jake Norton, whose work takes him to the highest mountains all around the world, carrying heavy packs day after day for months at a time and has climbed Mt. Everest seven times.  "When I first came to Dr. Steinle I was struggling to even walk. In just 3 1/2 weeks my condition is massively improved through diligent care and adjustment by Dr. Steinle."


CrossFit Success - Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Evergreen, CORecently patient Alane Ratway entered a Crossfit Open Masters competition where she finished 148th out of approximately 6,700 women in the world ages 45-49! "I am more energetic, active and no longer worried about neck pain! I have never felt better!"



Ward, Ty Leadville 100

Congratulations Ty Ward for your 3rd completion of the Leadville 100 MTB. Here's what Mr. Ward had to say about his care:  “I’ve had various back issues over the year that affected my mountain biking and golfing.  I’m happy to say that I just completed the Leadville 100 MTB pain-free and the best I’ve ever felt! Thank you Dr. Steinle!”


Rothenmaier, LinneaPatient Linnea Rothenmaier states: “Totally the best! I am an aerialist and circus performer and depend on the health of my body for my job. Jason is absolutely amazing, skilled, professional, and compassionate. He really brings a ton of love into his work at every second.”



Volleyball Success Story - Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Evergreen CO

Hans Guth has been playing in the Bailey, Colorado volleyball tournament for 16 years. This year he and his son won 1st place! "I have to credit Dr. Steinle as he made sure my body was able to perform and keep my game up.  We won the whole tournament, it was awesome!  Thank you Dr. Steinle, you're the best!"



When Bernie Roland is not skiing or road cycling he's sky diving for fun! "The treatments have provided relief and the ability to execute a normal life. Life has been pain free - excellent quality of life!"





Nelson, Vard Boston Marathon

“Thank you for your incredible work, Dr. Steinle.  Yesterday I was defeated by my body after 3 miles; my right leg kept giving out and I was afraid of falling.  This morning after the chiropractic adjustment I put 18 miles in the can.  Thank you! See you tomorrow.”

Vard Nelson

Evergreen, Colorado

4 time Boston Marathon participant