Sleeping Pain Relieved!

Meet Ms. Karla Brior who was having difficulty sleeping due to pain she was feeling in her left side. After beginning chiropractic care, she reports about 100% relief and feeling great! She can now sleep more comfortably on her side, and can again be much more active in her exercise.

Hi. My name is Karla, and I came to Dr Steinle’s office back in January. I was having some pain on my left side sleeping, and felt like I had a pinched nerve. My options were physical therapy or try a chiropractor. I thought I would try a chiropractor. So here I am from great referrals from other people that I know in the community. As of today I feel just about 100%. I’m able to sleep more comfortably on my side, as I am a side sleeper. I feel great. Upon coming in I discovered I actually had some other small back issues as well, and those seem to have cleared up for the most part. I feel very much more active, and not quite so hesitant in exercising. I’m hoping to keep up some physical activity and staying healthy. Dr. Jason has been great, along with all of the other wonderful ladies in the office. I look forward to my appointments everyday. Thank you!


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