Professional Testimonials

Hello there! My name is Dr. Bobbie Franklin. I am a retired chiropractic physician with 31 years of practice experience. Since retiring, my passions include hiking, canoeing, and gardening, all activities that require a healthy functioning spine.

I want to relate what happened to me in this past year and how Dr Steinle’s thorough evaluation and spinal adjustments helped me return to my normal active life. In January of this past year, I decided to take up cross-country skiing. I met with my instructor at our local ski resort and no sooner got my skis on than I fell down hard…VERY HARD! I fell on my bottom, hitting my tailbone and pelvis. Being a bit stubborn, I continued in my lesson, taking two more significant falls on to my bottom. By the end of the lesson, I had great difficulty bending forward to get out of my skis and boots. Over the next weeks, I saw 3 different chiropractors with 3 different approaches for adjustments. I improved gradually, but did not get back to normal. The last one I went to suggested that my discomfort and lack of mobility was a normal part of my aging! WHAT?!!! I could no longer hike without pain; I could not bend with ease, so gardening became a chore. I couldn’t sit in my canoe. My sleep suffered since I would wake nightly in pain. In June, my husband and I visited our sister in Evergreen. She saw me hobbling around and elicited my story. “I have a chiropractor I swear by” she said. And so Icame to Dr Steinle. As I mentioned previously, his exam was very thorough; his adjustments very precise. He took the time to determine the underlying cause of my pelvic malfunction and CORRECTED IT! WOW!!!

I am feeling back to my normal self now: I can hike again; I can bend freely and work amongst my flowers and vegetables without pain; I can sit comfortably in my canoe. It’s great to have my life back! This is the true gift of CHIROPRACTIC care. The chiropractic adjustment, rendered in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reason is MAGICAL! Thank you so much Dr. Steinle.

Bobbie Franklin, DC

Miller, Rachel

“My sciatic nerve pain and mid back pain decreased substantially and almost went away completely.  I have been able to resume and continue the activities that exacerbated these issues before.  Another perk, whether coincidental or not, is that after trying to conceive for 1 ½ years I became pregnant! With Dr. Steinle’s help, I’ve felt great this whole pregnancy even now at 39 weeks and standing all day at work!”

Rachel Miller, Pharmacist

WalGreens Pharmacy

Evergreen, CO

Gall, DonnaI can’t say enough about how much Health and Harmony has helped me regain my quality of life. After years of standing eight hours or more at a pharmacy counter counting pills and hunching over the computer, my neck, shoulders and hips finally said “no more”!  My shoulders were constantly aching, my range of motion in turning my neck was severely limited (to the point I had to turn my w hole body to look to the left at a stop sign in the car), and my hips ached constantly too from shifting my weight to one side while standing all day.  A friend tipped me off about Jason and recommended I come see him. I was impressed with the professional approach to determine the underlying causes of my aches and pains and the explanation of what the treatment plan was to be. It took about a year of weekly visits to correct my spinal alignment and the results were amazing!  My  husband and son noticed I was standing up taller and more straight and the best part – the aches and pains are mostly gone! I’m still working as a pharmacist, but I’m more aware now of  my posture and have been doing yoga and pilates to help maintain my core strength. I still get stiff from working and driving, but I come for a monthly maintenance adjustment to Health and Harmony and it helps to keep the aches and pains at bay.  I am so glad I came to Jason for help! I shudder to think of where I would be now if I hadn’t started treatment when I did!  Thank you Jason for all your help!

Donna Gall, Pharmacist


I’m an ultrasound tech, and I have a lot of neck and shoulder problems.   I was having major headaches, a lot of nausea, and difficulty sleeping.  I came to Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, and it’s been wonderful.  I’m doing all kinds of things that I hadn’t been able to do before.  I’m not only feeling better.  I feel taller, walk taller, and can work longer hours.  It’s been really amazing!

Melissa Stranaly, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer