Three Exercise Errors to Avoid

Our bodies are designed to get stronger. It’s a remarkable process if you think about it.


You or I can go to the gym, doctor stress our muscles and if done properly our bodies bounce back with increased strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. The physical exertion doesn’t break us down but rather stimulates improvements.


But as often said…just because a little is good…it doesn’t mean a lot is better.

On the flip side we can overload our bodies and cause injuries. This most commonly occurs with one or more of the following exercise errors.

1. Postural Imbalance- poor body posture and mechanics are amplified when doing exercise.

2. Misalignment- subtler subluxations—misalignments—in the spine and extremities throw off proper exercise form and lead to problems.

3. Movement Restrictions- guarded and restricted movement leads to compensation patterns where other parts of the body are called to do more work than usual.


The primary preventative measure is to reinforce proper alignment, flexibility and body mechanics. This varies from person to person and is one of the focuses of Health and Harmony Chiropractic. We help improve body posture and provide guidance on how to maintain proper mechanics while exercising.

Addition variables that you can control while working out involve the Five R’s

1. Rest- Allow adequate time for the body to recuperate before the next work out

2. Range- Perform exercises and stretches within a range of motion that your body permits without causing pain

3. Rate- Slowing down the rate of your exercise routine (weight lifting) allows for more recovery between sets and will help you avoid biomechanical mistakes that often occur when rushing through a work out

4. Resistance- Overloading the muscles can cause stress injuries and is often associated with poor biomechanics

5. Repetition- Just like resistance…if done correctly it will improve your function…if overdone it will set you back with injuries.

Get your posture evaluated and corrected…and watch the 5 R’s when working out. These simple steps go a long way in preventing exercise injuries.

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