Understanding Nutrition Supplements Quality

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1. Nutritional supplements you don’t need.
2. Nutritional supplements that don’t contain what the label says

It makes sense.


If you are taking a supplement that your body doesn’t need then your body doesn’t absorb it and the nutrient will pass out of your system without being used. Money wasted.

Likewise if you are taking a supplement that says it has 300mg of the essential fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 200mg of the essential fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) you want to have the comfort of knowing that the capsule actually contains what it says it does.

This brings up two commonly used terms in the nutrition industry.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements and good manufacturing practices (GMP) certified supplements.

On the surface the label pharmaceutical grade supplements sounds good. Don’t you think?

It sounds like the supplement goes through the same rigorous testing process that pharmaceutical drugs like Tylenol go through.

The reality is much different.

Pharmaceutical grade simply means that the materials in the supplement have been processed so that they will fit uniformly into a tablet or capsule.

Let me say this another way. Pharmaceutical grade refers to the size and consistency of the particle being used in a supplement. You can take a box of Quaker oats and grind them up into a uniform powder. This raw oat powder would then be considered “pharmaceutical grade” oatmeal. You can take the oatmeal powder and put it into capsules or make tablets out of it.

As you can see the term pharmaceutical grade doesn’t address the quality of the supplements.

This is where good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification comes into play. For years the nutritional supplement industry has been unregulated. Manufactures have made unsubstantiated claims, produced poor quality supplements, and often times in the supplements are produced in unsanitary environments. The Food and Drug Administration has cracked down on the claims that manufacturers can put on their bottles but they do not have the resources to regulate the industry at this time.

Because of the lack of standards and regulations the National Products Association (NPA) established the good manufacturing practices certification. The GMP certification is the gold standard a nutrition company can subject themselves too. In order to be awarded the GMP certification nutrition companies are inspected and audited by a third-party laboratory. The laboratory investigates their handling of raw materials, the making of the supplements and the facility. The inspection is not easy to pass and can take companies hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to upgrade the facility to pass standards.

Once a company has passed the third-party testing they GMP certification is good for three years.

Because of the time and expense most nutritional companies have not passed the GMP certification process at this time.

At Health and Harmony Chiropractic we have partnered with a company that has subjected itself to and passed the GMP certification of three different labs. They are the following:

Please contact us if you are interested to know more about GMP certified supplements.  We have a comprehensive program that can help determine what your nutritional strengths and weakness are.  The first step is to take our Health Appraisal Questionaire.  This can be taken online.  Once you complete the questionaire we will discuss (in person or over the phone) with you your nutritional profile and talk about steps you can take to improve your health level while reducing your risk of illness.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you. 
by Jason C. Steinle, DC

Jason C. Steinle is a doctor of chiropractic and founder of Health and Harmony, PC in Evergreen, Colorado. He can be reached at info@healthandharmonychiropractic.com

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