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Meet Ms. Lucenti. She was having pain in her upper back and shoulder area that limited her everyday life. Picking up her stepson was troubled, and exercising would leave her hurting for days at a time. After treatment with Health and Harmony, she has been able to pick up her baby without pain, get back to the gym, and do the things she loves to do!

Hello I’m Kali. Prior to coming in to see Dr. Steinle I was having a lot of pain in my upper thoracic area and the front of my shoulder to the point where I was having trouble even picking up my stepson. Exercising was a lot of pain. If I would run, I’d be in pain for days at a time. Three months here with Dr. Steinle, and going through therapy and adjustments, I’ve been able to get back to the gym and work out, and pick up Keenan again. It’s really been an overall enhancement to my everyday life.

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