Vertigo | Dizziness | Meniere’s Symptoms. . . Relieved!

Meet Ms. Cheryl Rayner, of Evergreen, Colorado, who had been struggling with dizziness and vertigo for years since being diagnosed with Meniere’s disease.  While in our office, Ms. Cheryl was reading testimonials of other patients that had found relief from similar symptoms.  She discussed this with Dr. Steinle, and they did an evaluation and began treatment.  She says the dizziness, which totally affected her daily life, is now much better.  “I feel 100% better, and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

“I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Steinle about my problems with dizziness.  I’ve had Meniere’s Disease for about 4 years diagnosed.  I had the balance tests.  I had the hearing tests.  It was confirmed.  I lived quite well with it for a while, with some medications.  But then the last 7 or 8 months I experienced an increase in dizziness and it got much worse.  I ended up having a procedure at the ENT’s for… an injection in my ear to help with the dizziness which did not help, and he really didn’t have another answer for me.  So I came back and spent a couple weeks dizzy, every day, a different variety of dizziness from just a little bit, to point where I had to lay down or times where I even threw up.  From reading testimonials at his office I was kinda wondering if he could help me even though I have this definite diagnosis of what the dizziness was causing.  It took me a while to ask, but I did ask, and took some xrays, and there was something that could maybe be adjusted and sure enough, we did some adjustments.  And I am not dizzy at all anytime.  So I’m feeling quite…  I still have a little bit of a hearing problem but the dizziness which totally affected my daily life is now much better.  I just feel 100% better and I couldn’t be more grateful.”  
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