What I experienced after only a few adjustments was truly amazing!

Twenty plus years ago, I had deep, sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. I recieved a gift card, good for several FREE visits to a chiropractor who was a friend of the family’s…I went once and didn’t return. That was the last time I was so inclined to pursue chiropractic help. Left ignored through the years, it became known as “my dead spot”.  Not long after being employed by Dr. Steinle, I also became his patient. What I experienced after only a few adjustments was truly amazing! The feeling came back, and my range of motion has improved greatly. He is a skilled and caring doctor who’s focus is truely on his patients. He doesn’t just make quality of life better, which is huge, but he educates his patients so they understand what’s going on inside and the importance of good health. I highly recommend him, whether your’e in pain, want to continue enjoying an active lifestyle, or simply maintain good health. I’ve been witness to many amazing stories since employed here! Jeanine, CA at Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic.

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