Wonders of Water

1.              The Wonders of Water

80% of the earth is covered by water

70-85% of the human body is water

75% of the brain and muscles are water

We can live only 5-7 days without water

Water cushions our vital organs and joints

The Earth has 326, treat cialis 000, ed seek 000 cubic miles of water, sale and only .3% is usable by humans

2.              Water Intake

Eight cups (8 ounces) of WATER a day is recommended

            Benefits of water are:

                        Transports vitamins, minerals, nutrients, oxygen through the body

                        Cleansing of the body

                        Temperature regulation

                        Helps with weight loss

                        Healthy skin (Fountain of Youth)

Coffee and pop are diuretics.  These cause you to excrete more water than you drank!

3.              Is All Water The Same?–  NO!

To find out how clean your water is-

Suburban Water Testing Labs  1-800-433-6595 or www.H2Otest.com

      Independent testing lab

Options for cleaner water-

      Home Filtering System-

            Carbon-based filters may be the best option based on cost and effectiveness

            Look for the NSF Certification (1-800- NSF- MARK)  3rd Party Organization

            Make sure to change the filter or you create a breeding ground for bacteria!

Bottled Water- 5 Billion Dollar Industry!

 Some are highly filtered and some are just bottled tap water

www.bottledwater.org- is a website which tests bottled water and provides information about bottled water

       Purchasing From A Company- (ex-Colligan)

            Higher quality systems than a private home filter system

            Vitamin Cottage- 25 cents a gallon

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