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Gut health issues have reached critical, epidemic levels and are a major underlying cause of many modern illnesses. Even a minor alteration of an individual's gut microbiota can alter the function of the immune defense system. In fact, for any auto-immune condition, testing and treating the gut in Evergreen is the first place to start.

Gut Health in Evergreen

Our comprehensive program looks at both urine and stool for indicators of gut problems as well as identifying inflammatory foods, inhalants, and environmental toxins that are causing or aggravating the problem. The critical components of the protocol include creating a healthy gut ecology that is not conducive to bacteria, yeast, or fungal overgrowth and heal intestinal permeability (Leaky gut).


“Well, about five months ago, I was having upwards of 15 migraines a month and that was just crazy. After speaking with Dr. Steinle, he recommended that I meet with Cate and do a Comprehensive Food & Environmental Sensitivity Test. Once the results came back, we sat down for a consultation and went through the report in depth. As we were going through the report, I realized that most of the foods I was eating daily were foods I was sensitive too.

A 4- month Leaky Gut functional health program was put together specifically for my needs.  The first step was eliminating the foods that were causing an inflammatory response in my body.  I did this by following a dietary plan where I was eating certain foods on certain days and then incorporating daily supplements that are specifically designed to fix gut health.  I started to feel better within a week and was excited to see if these changes would help with my migraines.”

Ms. Wickland continues, “the daily supplemental protocol was super easy to follow. After 4 months, I was recently re-tested and the results on the most recent results were amazing!  There are a couple of foods that I am just allergic to but there are other foods that I can eat again after following the leaky gut protocol.”

“Doing the Comprehensive Food & Environmental Sensitivity Test was really beneficial for me.  The things causing an inflammatory response in my body were not in the typical categories of dairy, poultry, or meat. I learned a couple of fruits that I was sensitive to along with some herbs and spices”.

In addition, Ms. Wickland was happy to share, “My migraines have gone from 15 or more a month to 4 which is a huge improvement.  Because of the migraine reduction I am feeling so much better and enjoying life. I am going to continue keeping my GI tract healthy so, I can enjoy my tomatoes and mozzarella!”

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