High School Sports

High School Sports Success Stories

Attie Forbes plays high school club volleyball: ” I’m 14 years old and I love playing volleyball. After a 3-day volleyball tournament, I had lower back pain which was also shooting down my legs. I tried physical therapy and other stuff but nothing worked. I came to Dr. Steinle and now I have no pain whatsoever. I can sit, walk around and play volleyball with no pain at all and I’m very happy.

“My experience receiving care from Dr. Steinle has been great. Before my treatment started, I couldn’t play sports and missed out on lots of activities. Since visiting Dr. Steinle, it no longer hurts to sit down for more than 10 minute and I am able to be a lot more active.  I play rugby as a starter and our team won the state championships!

Zach Toler , Evergreen, CO

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