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Surgery Prevention Success Stories

I had been experiencing intense low back and leg pain for several months that took a dramatic turn for the worse. The orthopedic doctors wanted to schedule me for surgery. My boss referrerd me to Dr. Steinle and in only three weeks of adjustments I feel much better and am able to do so many more activities. The surgery center keeps calling to schedule my surgery. I tell them “No surgery” and that chiropractic treatments fixed my problem. I’ve noticed much improvement in my everyday life. Before if I dropped something I would leave it until somebody could help me pick it up. Now I can pick it up for myself. I am doing activities that I had given up on before. I can get the laundry done on my own, and do many things without assistance. I feel stronger and more confident. Even my home life and personal relationships are better. My husband is happy! Before he was afraid to touch me because he was scared to hurt me. Before treatment, I wasn’t even able to shave my own legs. As degrading as it was, I’d have to ask my husband to help me. Now, I not only can shave my legs, but I could paint my own toe nails if I wanted to.

Jennifer Enriquez , Westminster, Colorado

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