Yoga Success Stories

I am a yoga teacher, and very aware of my body. After every adjustment I feel more energized, connected, and have an overall sense of well being. I work construction too, and no matter how hard I am on my body, the adjustments always make me feel better….I told Dr Steinle I feel like I drag myself in and float out of the office after the adjustments

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Hi. I’m Courtney. When I first came to the Health and Harmony Clinic I was having a lot of trouble walking. I’ve always had hip issues. I just thought that was normal, and it’s not I come to find out. My foot issue is because of my hip issue, which is really because of a back issue, which all makes sense once you actually talk to Dr. Steinle. He teaches you so much about your body, and what it’s supposed to do and what it’s not supposed to do. I have an extra vertebra. That’s a thing. It’s really fun. It means that my hips and my lower back are really tight, which affects my hip and it goes all the way down my foot. If you let it go too long… Other things that have happened since then. So I could hardly walk very far. Within a week, my foot stopped hurting, or it was at least much more manageable. Within 30 days I was fine. I could barely feel my foot at all. Still working through my hips. Went to yoga for the first time in two months. I was able to do backbends like I’ve never been able to do. Dancer poses where you put your foot way up high. So, my hips are incredible lose. It’s just a whole new experience. It’s been a very, very great experience coming here. They’re awesome.


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