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“I came to Dr. Jason's office in November seeking help to deal with several health issues. I had mild lower back pain, severe neck pain, blinding migraines multiple times a week, numbness in my fingers and immune issues. I'm currently about a month into treatment and I feel like a different person. My lower back pain almost immediately disappeared, I started sleeping better, I don't have any numbness in my fingers, my immune issues are greatly improved and I haven't had a migraine in about 3 weeks (and if you've ever had a migraine, you understand how miraculous this is!). Dr. Jason has been great throughout my entire treatment. He helped me to understand how the misalignment of my spine was affecting me, and clearly explained not only what he was doing, but some steps that I could take at home to reinforce the treatment given in his office. I am very happy that I stumbled into his care -- thank you, Dr. Jason!"

Kimberly Aksamit

Evergreen, Colorado


“Jason is the best chiropractor I have ever worked with. He takes a very comprehensive and holistic approach involving more than just the normal adjustments. His initial exam is very thorough and the explains the goals of the treatments and does intermittent exams to see how much change has occurred from the procedures used in the sessions. In addition to the usual adjustments he also utilizes (where needed) traction and ligament/tendon kneading to open up areas along and around the spine to allow greater movement and better posture. He is simply the best chiropractor I have ever worked with and his fees are similar or actually less than most other chiropractors. I highly recommend him.”

Robert Tompkins

Idaho Springs, Colorado


Great Care! I am a 36 year old career educator that was diagnosed with cancer last November. I have been through chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. My body has been through a great deal. Dr. Steinle has put me on a regiment that has been successful in getting my PH Balance in order. The supplements have also given me renewed energy and has made me feel that I have a fighting chance to keep cancer in my rear view mirror. I am incredibly thankful for all of Dr. Steinle's wonderful advice and the work he has put in on my behalf. Without him, I am not sure where I would be.

Ethan Dschaak

Sturgis, South Dakota


“He Keeps Me Going! I have a physically demanding job, and whenever I "pull" something or invent an exercise that hurts me, Jason educates me about why I should do things differently in the future and with a visit or two I am back to work and feeling 100% better. He keeps me going. I hear many stories of people in my line of work that need to quit due to carpal tunnel and other injuries. Thanks Doc! I couldn't keep going without your help.”

Gayla Michelin

Evergreen, Colorado


“Best Chiropractor! I highly recommend Dr. Jason! He is a true compassionate healer and professional who listens and loves what he does. He is very available. So much more than a chiropractic doctor! I have been seeing Dr. Jason for about 5 years. When I came to Dr. Jason, I had long-term dizziness, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and limited movement of arms and neck. Dr. Jason's extensive knowledge and careful analysis taught me so much, and he quickly changed my health and life! I am free of pain, headaches and dizziness. I have full range of motion and have been able to return to my active lifestyle. Dr. Jason also made sure my work station is ergonomically correct to prevent problems. A healthy musculoskeletal and nervous system have been essential to my health, and I have Dr. Jason to thank for it. Thank you Dr. Jason!”

Susan Turner

Evergreen, Colorado


"I have a 15 year professional dance background so I have seen numerous chiropractors. But I have never experienced one who has as much intuition as Dr. Jason Steinle. I don't even have to tell him where my aches and pains are...his hands just find them. In my past experiences, I would typically feel sore for a day or two after an adjustment. Not only am I NOT sore the next day, but 9 times out of 10 my pain is instantly relieved! Personally, I'm not a big fan of being "cracked" and I love the fact that Dr. Steinle listens to and respects my concerns and fears. He will do a lot of soft tissue work with me and it is amazing the results we get. I have learned to trust when he says I need an adjustment and I know that he will focus right into the one or two vertebrae that actually need the adjustment. He is an amazing chiropractor and I recommend him highly!"

Elizabeth Ulfig

Evergreen, CO


“For measurable verifiable results, I recommend Health and Harmony Chiropractic! After suffered with debilitating head aches for years, I am happy to say that receiving chiropractic care from Health and Harmony has profoundly improved my quality of life. Not only am I pain free, but I also have a strategy to stay that way! When I first came to see Dr. Jason, he looked at my whole picture to determine the root cause of my problems. Then he devised a multi faceted approach that addressed each component. The most unique element of my experience at Health and Harmony, has been the combination of chiropractic manipulation with soft tissue work. My adjustments hold better and are more affective, because of the muscle work which Dr. Jason incorporates into each visit. In addition to the excellent care provided at Health and Harmony, I have particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of the office. The ambiance created by soothing music and soft lighting helps me relax even as I sit in the waiting room. Dr. Jason's “table side manor” is always impeccable. Each client receives personalized attention, and you never get the feeling that you're being cranked through like an assembly line.”

Rebekah Scott

Evergreen, Colorado


“What moved me initially to visit with Dr. Steinle was considerable pain in my right hip. Pictures he took vividly showed my posture was Quasimodo-like, with my right shoulder tucked into the neck crease and back curvature like an S. After five years of treatment, I walk erect with a flattened back, level pelvis, and balanced posture and am pain free. I slip the orthopedic inserts for which Dr. Steinle fitted me into all my footwear including my distance running shoes, greatly improving my stride, foot strike, and performance. I have come to realize that regular adjustments—maintenance—from Dr. Steinle are among the requisite practices I need to follow to stay on the path of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

Jerry Fabyanic

Georgetown, Colorado


“Dr. Steinle has done a great job helping me recover from a car accident and keeping me adjusted. He takes the time to listen to what the issue is and walks you through his method.”

Danielle Pinc

Denver, Colorado


“Totally the best! I am an aerialist and circus performer and depend on the health of my body for my job. Jason is absolutely amazing, skilled, professional, and compassionate. He really brings a ton of love into his work at every second.”

Linnea Rothenmaier

Evergreen, Colorado


“I was referred to Dr. Steinle by a close friend a little over a year ago after sustaining a running injury in my right hip. Having been to several chiropractors, I was somewhat skeptical as the practices I have seen in the past treated me more like a revenue stream than a person. Dr. Steinle provided an amazingly thorough examination with a very thoughtful and personalized approach, and recommended a reasonable course of treatment that addressed my immediate need as well as my long-term health. After a few months of regular therapy, along with a set of fitted orthotics, I am back on the road and recently reached my personal best of 10 miles of non-stop running, completely pain free. I am looking forward to my first half-marathon in October and will continue to look to Dr. Steinle for all of my skeletal and musculature needs. I would highly recommend Health and Harmony Chiropractic.”

Landon Covington

Denver, Colorado


“Very knowledgeable and personable. Dr. Steinle is great at working towards restoring body to holistic health. Very reasonable rates.”

Michael Graf

Denver, Colorado


“Compassion, knowledge, wisdom, and insight! I came to Dr. Steinle (Jason) a few months back with, of all things, a nagging shoulder injury. Lower back pain was also an issue, but not near as immediate. Jason did a full workup on me and discovered a number of things that could be addressed to correct my posture and help heal a torn muscle in my rotator cuff. My shoulder is nearly 100 percent now and my education about my body is highly increased. Never knew I had hyper lordosis or flat feet! My family practice physician of ten years never pointed it out, and he was good, too. Jason has prescribed orthopedic shoe inserts and Kinesio tape to assist my body in posture correction and healing. It's unbelievable what the Kinesio tape can do. He helped me tape my fiance's shins to help with shin splints and she did the Colfax Half Marathon last week with zero pain in her shins! She couldn't run 2 miles without pain before that. Jason is amazing. I believe it's because he truly loves what he does and really cares for his patients. A person can tell this as soon as they walk into his office. He is continuously educating himself on the latest techniques and is experienced and confident in what he does. I don't feel rushed when I visit and know that my health is important to him. I know this sounds like an infomercial, but Jason is one of the few doctors I've visited that has the education, experience, knowing, confidence, and compassion I've been looking for in a health care provider. I live 30 minutes from him in Denver and don't take a second thought about the drive when I go to my weekly appointments. He really IS worth the drive and the extra time it takes for me to visit. As shared above, my shoulder is almost healed and my posture is improving. I get weekly adjustments that include muscle massage (he's a certified massage therapist) and gentle adjustments. My change in posture has change, of all things, my feeling of confidence. Walking straighter and taller with the correct posture not only makes me appear more confident but helps me feel more confident. Must be that body-mind-spirit connection thing I hear about all the time here in Denver. Thank you Jason for your time, your wisdom, your knowledge and your true compassion!”

Thomas Conrad

Denver, Colorado

"I came to Health and Harmony with a bad pain in my knee, thinking it was my knee.  They checked it out, and I have a pinched nerve in my lower back.  Ever since I’ve been coming here for adjustments, it’s been getting better and better, and better.  I used to walk with, like a pirate, like a peg leg.  And now, it’s great!"

Robert Winn 

Evergreen, Colorado

"I’ve been coming to Health and Harmony for a couple months now.  I was referred to by a friend.  Before coming here I had severe pain.  Keep in mind I’m only 19.  It was to the point where I couldn’t get through a normal work day.  Now a couple months in…after my second adjustment…I can get through an entire day on my feet with no problem.  And, I suggest if you have back problems, come visit."

Virginia Sweesy

Evergreen, Colorado

"When I first came to Dr. Jason, I was in a whole lot of pain.  My neck was really immobile.  I had some migraines and tingling down my left arm.  It was keeping me from snowboarding throughout the wintertime and getting outside as much as I wanted to be.  But only after a month and a half I’m already having a much more increased range of motion in my neck.  Along with, though snowboarding season is over, I was able to get out a few times.  And, I’m already outside disc golfing again and hiking.  So I’m able to do the things I really want to do again and completely pain free.  So I’m looking forward to continued treatment and continue progress with my neck especially, and my left shoulder."

Victor Bizzarri

Bailey, Colorado

"What brought me to Health and Harmony was my neck basically not moving at all. I couldn’t even see the mirrors on my truck from left to right, and that really concerned me. So I came in to see if Dr. Steinle could help me with my neck and also found out that my lower hips were also out of alignment and my neck was out of alignment. So we started working on his plan to put my neck back together and with the treatment of two to three times a week for about two months. I can now move my neck back and forth and I have about 70 % movement in my neck and about 50 % less pain so that’s great and it seems each week that I have less and less pain and so I am very happy."

Erik Gunderson

Arvada, Colorado


"Health and Harmony has pretty much changed my life! I came in about three weeks ago and couldn’t move my neck.  Couldn’t really either move side to side.  I have two kids, and I’m very athletic. I do a lot of fitness activities and I also preach at Bergen Park Church. The fact of the matter is the strenuous activities of being a parent and being active and having an active lifestyle really just took a toll on me.  And what ended up happening was I came to Health and Harmony and these guys have really just changed my life.  I’m on a recovery plan.  I’m on this therapy that it’s just brought my energy level up.  Three weeks ago, guys, bottom line is I could not move my head.  I could not even really move my back.  And now, I feel better than ever.  I was just filling out a little survey while I was waiting in the waiting room, and the fact is nobody has ever asked me before, “Has this changed your quality of life?”  And the answer is, “Absolutely!  Who doesn’t want a better quality of life?  Especially living in Colorado.  So I HIGHLY recommend Health and Harmony Chiropractic care for you and your family.  They do babies, they do adults, they do every age, and it’s absolutely worth it!"

David Meurer

Evergreen, Colorado

“I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Steinle about my problems with dizziness.  I've had Meniere's Disease for about 4 years diagnosed.  I had the balance tests.  I had the hearing tests.  It was confirmed.  I lived quite well with it for a while, with some medications.  But then the last 7 or 8 months I experienced an increase in dizziness and it got much worse.  I ended up having a procedure at the ENT's for... an injection in my ear to help with the dizziness which did not help, and he really didn't have another answer for me.  So I came back and spent a couple weeks dizzy, every day, a different variety of dizziness from just a little bit, to point where I had to lay down or times where I even threw up.  From reading testimonials at his office I was kinda wondering if he could help me even though I have this definite diagnosis of what the dizziness was causing.  It took me a while to ask, but I did ask, and took some xrays, and there was something that could maybe be adjusted and sure enough, we did some adjustments.  And I am not dizzy at all anytime.  So I'm feeling quite.  I still have a little bit of a hearing problem but the dizziness which totally affected my daily life is now much better.  I just feel 100% better and I couldn't be more grateful.”  

Cheryl Rayner

Evergreen, Colorado

"I have had some pretty severe injuries to my neck and spine. I was in a car accident where I was rear ended. I also took a fall to the base of my neck on a corner. I got to a point where I was struggling to walk to where I was just shuffling along. I couldn’t sleep and became exhausted all the time. My wife and daughter would have to stop when walking just so I could catch up to them. I was convinced that within a few months that I would be in a wheelchair. I got to the point where I was thinking about the changes I would have to make to my home if I was in a wheelchair. It was everything I could do to get up in the morning and make it through the day. Since Dr. Steinle started treatment with me I have noticed dramatic improvements. I have mobility and can turn my head. I feel so much better and I am so thankful for Dr. Steinle and his staff. I’ve been to other chiropractors and they didn’t help. I was referred into the office by a friend. I drive an hour each way to get care from Dr. Steinle even when there are chiropractors near my home. I highly recommend Dr. Steinle."

Tom Cooper

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"Prior to coming to Dr. Steinle I was in constant pain, and wasn’t sleeping at all…  three hours max a night for several months. I’ve been here for almost two weeks, and within the first week I already doubled my amount of sleep.  Now two weeks later, I’m sleeping straight through the night and waking up ready for more sleep.  So, already seeing such a huge improvement!"

Scott Yarnell

Evergreen, Colorado

"I came in to Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center because I have been in pain for over a year. My healthcare provider was not finding anything wrong. The pain kept getting worse and began to affect my ability to work, move, and sleep. I’ve been coming here for about a month and since day one I’ve had incredible relief. My energy level is back to when I was in my 40’s. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the results that I have been getting after treatment. I highly recommend you visit Dr. Steinle and his staff, you will be glad you did!"

Barb Wampler

Evergreen, Colorado

"I started coming to Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center because I was experiencing lower back pains. I was having shooting pains going down my leg. I have had no pains since I started treatment three months ago. The movement in my back has improved and I am able to do things that I was having trouble doing before. Even just sitting in a chair doing work has gotten better. I don’t know what I would do without it."

Andy Buchheit

Evergreen, Colorado

I do geophysics work and play rugby and a lot of other things that have caused some wear and tear over time. About a year and a half ago, I was doing some plumbing, I ended up injuring my lower back. Two weeks later I was building a sand castle with my nephew and did it again. I healed a little more and a few weeks later I was riding a dirt bike with my son and was injured again. I decided I needed to do something. I found Dr. Steinle and he has done a wonderful job to put it very mildly, I was quite debilitated. I couldn’t put my socks on, I couldn’t pull the parking brake on my truck.

After the first time that I came here, the initial treatment, it was like night and day. Absolute, night and day. Since then it’s been a year and a half, from my personal experience here they are professional, knowledgeable, and really know what they’re doing and I wouldn’t say that to anybody, I say it because it’s true.

Jeff Sabol

Kittredge, Colorado 


"I initially came to Dr. Steinle, on the advice of my husband, having back pain and knee pain. I hurt my knee pretty significantly. It was about a week before my half marathon was scheduled to be run, and I could barely walk. I came into Health and Harmony and was able to walk out with hardly any pain. I finished the half marathon, and that was a week after injuring my knee, with the help of Dr. Steinle."

Bethany Van Beek

Bailey, Colorado


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