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"When I first came to Health and Harmony, I had tension in my lower back. I couldn't sleep well. It was hard doing daily activities only because I felt restricted in my lower back. I had bad posture, and I felt that I looked bad. My self-esteem was low, as well as my mental health, because of my back problems. After about 5 weeks here and multiple corrections, I can sleep a lot better, my back's looking better, and I've gotten a lot better posture. I feel really good mentally, as well as physically, as I do everyday activities and do my homework. And, it feels really good just to be happy with myself."

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Jett Teen Care


"I came to Health and Harmony because of a football injury to my lower back and pelvis. It was really devastating because I couldn't practice or anything. I had to sit the last game out because of it. They've fixed me up since. It's been a really awesome experience. Now I'm back to playing sports, skiing and everything. I was able to start the basketball season and just got 19 points! A career high! I never could have done that before."

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Seiva Teen Care


"I was having a lot of pain in my lower back, center back, and I was having issues with my neck. I kind of just always had this pain. When I was 14 I was in a car accident. I was stuck in a ditch for about 10 minutes and the seatbelt was keeping me from falling down. I was hanging on the seatbelt. I am a volleyball player. Being a server I am often low to the ground, on my knees, and hunched over. Thanks to chiropractic care I have been able to do so much more. I'm playing volleyball pain-free l again. I can run and I can walk. I can breathe proficiently, my breath doesn't get stuck halfway through. I feel much better."

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Ryder Teen Care


"When I first started coming here I had headaches every day. Now I have relief in my neck and my spine! I can play hockey and lacrosse just like I've always wanted to do and I don't have to worry about getting headaches."


"I was having lower back pain and migraines from gymnastics. I have been getting treatment and it's made a huge impact on my gymnastics. And just like everyday life sitting has become a lot less uncomfortable. My migraines have mostly gone away. I get like one every once in a while, which is a huge improvement, chiropractic has been working really well for me."

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