Sleep & Stress (Adrenals) in Evergreen

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Sleep And Stress

Sleep disorders in Evergreen are epidemic and linked to adrenal issues and other negative side-effects of stress. To get a clinical view of the problem and how to improve it, it is vital to test cortisol, melatonin, and DHEA.

Sleep & Stress in Evergreen

Both low and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol are indicative of chronic sleep and stress challenges. They can lead to:

  • Cardiac disorders
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Weight gain
  • and Elevated CRP

Salivary cortisol measurement is considered superior to serum cortisol in evaluating adrenal function.


"Through working with Cate and through this program, things have never been brighter! She got me started off with a few supplements and within the first few days, I had new levels of energy and the days began to feel easier. Our ultimate goal was to fix my sleeping schedule, and let me tell you, it was bad. I'm talking about going to sleep at around 3 in the morning and waking up past noon! After Cate's guidance and the great work we did together, I've found myself sleeping normally and waking up at times that my family and I finally found "appropriate". Who would've guessed I'd become a morning person! I cannot stress enough the change and I have seen and the relief I have felt, especially after telling myself "this is just how I am" after so many years. I am enterally thankful for Cate and this program for showing me that, in fact, things can get better!"

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