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Chiropractic Evergreen CO Sharon RW Testimonial

Sharon Regan-Williams

Evergreen, Colorado

"Dr. Steinle and his amazing staff are exceptional and incredibly kind. I have been on a treatment plan for degenerative disc "disease" impacting L4 and L5. I've had chronic issues with back pain for several years, and the worst episode and pain yet had lasted 3 months when I had my initial consultation. I had been doing physical therapy and wanted to avoid a visit to a spine doctor.

I just started my second of three months of treatment, and my pain is gone. The treatment plan is healing and restoring function in my back. I feel amazing!

Dr. Steinle's focus on functional health is important to me. His processes, patient care, communication, and facilities are the best I have experienced. I am grateful to have found Health and Harmony Chiropractic!"

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