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We specialize in wellness care designed for patients who are feeling well and want to continue taking care of their health and well-being. You don’t have to hurt to feel even better. Proper diet, exercise, and a healthy spine and nervous system are the cornerstones of our wellness program.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

- World Health Organization

Our goal is that patients who participate in wellness care are the healthiest people in the Front Range. Our chiropractic clinic in Evergreen is experienced in providing superior wellness care.

Wellness Care in Evergreen

If you have ever had to miss a day at your job or pick up your children from the nurse’s office, you are familiar with symptoms accompanying sickness. There are studies, on the other hand, that shows a substantial amount of the ailments we deal with now are the cause of our daily habits. While these habits can snowball into deadly diseases over time, they can often go undetected before a big flare-up without any sign of symptoms.

Your Body’s Reaction

The human body does not solely feel the effects of unhealthy habits, it also feels the effects of healthy habits. It is common knowledge that if someone eats a poorly cooked meal they face a likelihood of feeling sick. As such, most people generally do a good job of ensuring food is cooked properly and rejecting food that isn’t. By the same token, your body benefits from eating healthily regularly. Feeling continuously in great health is not just a side-effect of good nutrition and habits, it’s the cause.

The Control Panel

Your body depends heavily on a fully functioning nervous system. Our chiropractic team is trained in helping protect this nervous system to ensure your body can function at its peak. When your nervous system is working at full capacity, so if your immune system and body’s natural healing properties.

Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Evergreen can help you find and treat any issues your body is dealing with to ensure you achieve wellness. Contact us if you have any questions or want to take advantage of our free consultation.


Katy Rosenblatt

I cannot stress how amazing Dr. Steinle and his team are to work with! They helped me get my life back- enjoying things like drumming, mountain climbing, and kickboxing again. I feel like I am finally living my best life and that wouldn't be possible without this incredible team!

Justin Futrell

I did some reflection about my experience at Health and Harmony. Since starting care I finished the half Ironman and summited Mount Kilimanjaro. Now, two weeks later, I realized that my body held up wonderfully. No knee pain. No back pain. How cool is that?! Thank you for helping me create a healthy foundation and body. I'm blessed to have your team as a part of my life! Now onto the next challenge... 75,000 pullups for clean water!

Susan Cotton

I highly recommend Dr. Steinle! He has been our family chiropractor for 16 years and has expertly cared for us through a myriad of issues. My persistent dizziness and nausea (that I suffered with for 10 years) has been completely relieved, as well as my sciatica. My husband has a previous back injury that had his motion limited, coupled with constant pain. He has made significant improvements with Dr. Steinle's extensive knowledge and outstanding care, and we are grateful to have him return to his normal activities!
The office staff are well trained, caring and very personable!
Don't suffer needlessly!

Milo Alfring

I had some experiences with chiropractors in the past but nothing like this. Dr. Steinle and his team have improved my quality of life in many ways. Some of my pain, likely from work, I had just figured was a result of growing older. In fact I went in with very little complications to report. Then I began to notice some major changes, less pain after finishing a days work, a long workout, getting into bed or up from bed and so on… I have had nothing but a pleasant experience here.

Dave Andrews

Dr. Steinle and his amazing support staff at Health and Harmony have brought nothing but joy to my life. First, by attending to my acute, recurring pain in my lower back (brought on by trying to grab my 90-lb dog running past me at 20 mph), then through my follow-up appointments to keep everything ship-shape. All have been met with care, concern, patience, expertise, and believe it or not, laughter. I mean, we laugh ALL the time during my visits (even during adjustments!) and that ease and comfort with which those exclamations are shared illustrates how immediately I felt I'd become "part of the family" there. Whenever I walk in, it's like an episode of "Cheers."

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