Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Dominic Scrivner

"My wife described me to Dr Steinle as “mission impossible” because of all of my medical diagnoses. Prior to meeting Dr. Steinle, I was not able to live a normal life. My back pain become so intense, I basically became a hermit by late afternoon through the evening. When I woke up in the morning it would take 30 minutes to walk without hunching over. This affected my mood and my relationship with my wife.

Not to mention not being able to play with my grandson like I would like. After literally less than a month of treatment I am able to have a quality of life I haven’t experienced in years. I am active again. My wife and I can go out to dinner in the evening. I walk without pain. I do not need pain medication. I enjoy every moment with my grandson and it doesn’t hurt to pick him up. The staff at Dr Steinle’s office is second to none. I have experienced too many Dr’s offices to count. They are personable, professional and you can tell they truly care. When you meet Dr Steinle it is immediately apparent he is passionate about his work and wants people to have a better quality of life with their natural ability to heal."

- Dominic S.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Marilyn Anderson

"I have suffered from back pain for 35 years. All my life I have gone to various chiropractors over the years who treated symptoms, but I still had pain. Not until I came to Dr. Steinle have I been pain free. For seven years now I have not had constant pain. I’m able to bike, golf, hike, backpack, and ski without pain. He is the only chiropractor that ever took the time to find out what was wrong and not just treat the symptoms. He’s treating the cause. He doesn’t just say hello and treat you. He takes the time to really treat you, he takes the time to be very caring."

- Marilyn A.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Lyn-Holly Knight

"I am a local personal trainer and group fitness instructor here in Evergreen. I came to Health and Harmony Chiropractic because I was hit by a drunk driver. I was dealing with a lot of pain and headaches; as a result, was unable to do the group fitness and training that I usually did for income. Luckily, I started going through chiropractic care and a prescribed healing plan. I have made HUGE strides.

Now I’m able to work with my clients and teach fitness groups without that extreme pain. Dr. Steinle and the team have helped me substantially in making huge strides in my health and my ability to function as a normal human being again."

- Lyn-Holly K.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Bethany VanBeek

"I am an active runner and always looking for an adventure. My body doesn’t always agree with my mind when I decide on a crazy race to run. Dr Steinle has helped my body to be as active as my mind wants it to be. This year I ran the Telluride Mountain Run and I can honestly say it was the most difficult race I ever did. It started at 8000 ft. and went up to 13200 ft., a 5000 ft. elevation gain in about 6 miles. This race would have been even more difficult without the help of Dr Steinle.

Not only was my back adjusted but my problem area knees felt great. The after-race adjustment was amazing, too. Thank you Dr. Steinle and the staff at Health and Harmony Chiropractic Center for helping me tackle the mountain!"

- Bethany V.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Regan Parsons

"I came in to Health and Harmony Chiropractic because my two month old, Reagan, was colicky. She would scream and fuss for three to four hours nightly. We called it the witching hour. She also hated car rides and she screamed as if she was being tortured. She would lose her mind anytime we had to put her in the car. So we came in to get help with her being uncomfortable all the time. Her colickyness is gone and now Reagan can even get in the car without screaming."

She actually sleeps through the night now and is calm in the evenings! She’s not squirming and uncomfortable all the time anymore. She’s an overall more happy baby. The appointments have been great. Dr. Steinle is amazing. He’s very gentle with her, very cautious, very aware of what’s going on with her body. He explains everything as he is doing it. We are very happy with the progress that Reagan has made."

- Regan P.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Nancy Short

"I came to Health and Harmony Chiropractic for two reasons: I have scoliosis and I have a hip that was threatened with hip replacement surgery. I think my finest and most dramatic change with treatment has been my hip. I have no pinching, no hindrance when I walk, I have a much wider and freer stride, and I just feel like a new me when I walk. There will be no hip replacement! So I am a very happy person!"

- Nancy S.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Amanda Mitchell

"Working with Health and Harmony has been an absolutely incredible experience. I let myself go for way too long. I was getting headaches. They were horrible, migraine-like headaches. My shoulders were super, super tight to where I had this stabbing pain in my right shoulder. Actually my lower back was messed up too. It was really like a crazy trifecta of issues. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results that I’ve had here. A staff that is so generous and gracious and Dr. Steinle is a miracle worker in my mind.

I haven’t had a headache for months. I probably don’t remember the last time I had a headache. My shoulders are finally relaxed and I don’t get that stabbing pain. I can go back to doing all the things that I love doing; hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding, running, everything!"

- Amanda M.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Steve Yarnell

"Prior to coming to Dr. Steinle I was in constant pain and wasn’t sleeping at all. I would get three hours max a night. Within the first week of treatment I doubled my amount of sleep. Now, I’m sleeping straight through the night and waking up ready for more sleep. Such a huge improvement!"

- Scott Y.

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Testimonial - Courtney Donovan

"I tried 3 other chiropractors and finally gave up thinking my hip issue would just be something I always managed. Years later I took a chance on Health and Harmony and it was the best thing I ever did! Dr. Jason was the first person to diagnose my issue and be able to fix it. No pain anymore and I feel more healthy and alive than ever! It’s been a very, very great experience coming here. They’re awesome."

- Courtney D.

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