Important COVID-19 Update in Evergreen

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Staff at Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Hello Health and Harmony Family,

We are closely following the CDC, State of Colorado, and Jefferson County health and safety guidelines. The safety of our patients and the team continues to be our top priority. Here are some of the precautions we are taking:

  • We are wearing personal protective equipment as a team and require that all patients wear a mask to the office
  • We are pre-screening patients prior to treatment. If you or someone in proximity to you are experiencing fever, shortness of breath, cough or a sore throat please let us know and we will reschedule your appointment
  • We will limit the number of patients in the office to maintain social distancing
  • We will have hand sanitizer placed in all rooms and ask that you use it upon arrival
  • We will continue to be available by telephone and email for telehealth appointments

That is a quick list of some things you may notice. There are many more behind the scenes steps we are taking including increased sanitization schedules, staff health screenings, scheduling, and procedural changes. In addition to these safety precautions, we are focused on helping our patients build stronger immune systems and healthier nervous systems. Both will be critical as we open the State back up in the weeks ahead. Services we are offering our patients include:

  • Antibody testing- We are offering our patients a COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibody test
  • Immune testing- We are testing IL-6 and IL-1B Managing the levels of these has been shown to be important in how quickly people are able to shed the virus
  • Vitamin D testing- Vitamin D plays an important role in the proper function of the immune system
  • Nutrition, diet, and lifestyle programs to boost immune function. We like to say "We don't guess…we test"
  • Chiropractic care- Specific chiropractic care has been shown to boost the immune system and support overall body health

We look forward to seeing you and getting back to providing excellent care in a happy, healthy, and safe environment.

- Dr. Jason C Steinle and the Health and Harmony Team

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