Ear infections

Ear infections can be extremely painful and often impact young children. Fortunately, chiropractic can do wonders to improve not only a child’s ear infections, but their overall wellbeing. Costs for chiropractic care are significantly less than those associated with antibiotics or surgeries, which can cost thousands of dollars.
In a recent study, 93% of all episodes improved for children under the age of five who suffer from ear infections and were supervised under a chiropractor’s care. 43% of the children were better within one to two visits, and 75% were better within 10 days or fewer. We take your child’s care seriously and can offer an individual plan that will lead your child to health. Please consider chiropractic as an alternative method to help ear infections before turning to harsh alternatives.


Ear Infection Success Story

My mom suggested that I see Dr. Steinle after taking two rounds of antibiotics and still experiencing ear and neck pain. After an exam and review of my xrays, Dr. Steinle showed me the problem in my neck. After two adjustments, the pain in my ear and neck was gone. Even better, the feeling in my face came back. I hadn’t even noticed how numb my cheek and neck had gotten. I’m no longer experiencing headaches, ear aches or neck pain. I am much less crabby, and more aware of how I sleep, sit, etc. If you are struggling with any chronic and/or acute pain/challenges, I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Steinle.

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