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We provide chiropractic care to support certain mental health symptoms. Here is what our patients have to say:

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Patient Testimonial

Casara A.

"I came into chiropractic care really trying to find someone to help me dissect some of my physical and also emotional issues that had gotten tangled together. I am feeling so much better because there is such a compassionate care in this office. I really appreciate the humanity, the laughter, but also the really great chiropractic care."

Renee R.

"I am a stay-at-home mom of two kids, ages seven and four. I came to health and harmony because I was having a lot of anxiety since about August of 2019. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. Actually I hadn't slept since August 2019 through the night until just last night, I slept through the night for the first time after coming here for three weeks. Dr. Steinle has really helped me with that. I was having a lot of pain in my arm because of the compression in my back, and that was keeping me up at night and I didn't realize that's what it was. And now I'm almost pain-free after nearly three weeks of treatment. So that's been amazing and a huge life-changing event for me recently. My anxiety is a lot better as well because I'm sleeping better and I don't have that pain in my arm that was causing me to worry. I was having a lot of migraine headaches, which are almost completely gone as well. So lots of really good things happening. You know, I lead a busy life, we are avid skiers in our family, I have two young kids, so to see the change that I've seen just in three weeks has been honestly amazing. Amazing."

Chiropractic Evergreen CO Patient Testimonial


"I came from Los Angeles to see Dr. Steinle. I've been to chiropractors but they never really did anything for me. I would come in and they would say "hey, what hurts?" I'd say, "I don't know… my neck? I don't know" and they would just snap me into place and send me on my way. Well, my sister had been raving about Dr. Steinle. Any time I said "my head hurts, or I feel weak, or I feel depressed," she would say "you need a chiropractor, you need a chiropractor, YOU NEED A CHIROPRACTOR!" So I said "okay, I will come see Dr. Steinle." I was sold the very first time I had a consultation with him and he didn't even adjust me yet. He did a very thorough analysis of what was going on with my mental health, my physical health, all the pains, and nerves, anything that was going on with me. He also took my x-rays which I had never had done at a chiropractic office. I got this really good sense that he cared. That he actually wanted to see me get better instead of just saying "oh you hurt there? Let me just snap that, ok see you in two weeks," I think that is ultimately what I love most about Dr. Steinle. I've gotten several adjustments from him so far and I just can't even explain a difference from when I first came in to now. Each time he adjusts me it's almost this weird feeling of a cloud going through my body or air, almost as if your body is getting oxygen for the first time, like a really big, beautiful deep breath. It reminds me of when I was a kid, remember when you were a kid, and you're 6 years old and you're sort of invincible? You have no back pain, no shoulder pain, you can run around and do cartwheels, you can tumble and be fine. That's what it feels like after being adjusted. You remember, "oh yeah, I used to not have any pain!"


"I started experiencing back pains to the point where I was just humped over and could not even stand up right. It was really bad. Pain all the way up and down my back, and my legs were going numb all the way down past my knees. I couldn't ride motorcycles so then the depression set in. I was really down and out. I went to see my doctor and they suggested to come to Health and Harmony Chiropractic. When I first came here, I was just giving up on everything. I didn't think anybody could help me. After 2 or 3 months, of steadily going everything is gone. The pain. The leg numbness. I'm standing up right. I can breathe better. I'm sleeping better. I'm eating better. I'm able to do more. I can ride my bike, I rode my bike to work! And things are just so much better. If you're a biker and you have a back problem THIS is the place to go. It works, and I feel great and I highly recommend this place to anybody."

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