Shockwave Testimonials

Shoulder Impingement

EPAT is a useful tool to treat ongoing, chronic issues of pain, as well as other long-term musculoskeletal ailments and conditions. Terri C. had been struggling with pain and loss of range of motion in both shoulders, a chronic issue she had been dealing with for years. The pain was so severe she was unable to lift her arms. Terri has been receiving consistent EPAT treatments for the last six weeks and has seen a remarkable increase in the range of motion in her shoulders. She is now able to lift her arms to the sky and has been able to actively participate in packing up and moving to a new house -- not a small feat!

Trigger Thumb

"I Want to recommend the EPAT (shockwave therapy) that Health and Harmony is offering.

I had been frustrated and experiencing pain in my thumb from February to June that was making my work difficult and keeping me awake at night. My thumb would lock in a bent position or lock straight and be difficult to bend and cause pain whenever I tried to change the position. The recommendation I found on the web was that those symptoms were referred to as "Trigger Finger" where surgery with a two week recovery time was the only fix.

I was skeptical at first but wanted to try the ultrasound treatment (EPAT) since the alternative would be painful and costly, not to mention the time off work to recover. What did I have to lose by trying? I could not tell much after the first two treatments, but after the third one my hand was feeling less achy, the knuckle was not as tender and I was sleeping without pain waking me up. I had a total of 6 treatments and by the 4th one I began forgetting about the problem and using my hand normally with only a little tenderness on occasion and maybe a stiff thumb upon waking. I am so appreciative that I trusted the staff and Doctor Jason for their help with my quality of life. Now I can use my hand with ease and comfort and am back to pain free use of my hand every day!! I can even go back to opening jars myself. If you have a similar issue, I would like for you to feel better and improve your daily function like I got to do. I am forever grateful to be back to work normally!!"

-Gayla M.

Acute Injuries

Shockwave therapy can be a great tool to treat and heal acute injuries. Antonia B. came to us with a calf injury after stepping backwards into a hole while riding her horse. As an active person and avid horse rider, she could not afford to miss out on time spent doing what she loves due to being injured. We decided to treat the acute injury with Shockwave therapy to help bring blood flow to the damaged tissue and help facilitate the healing process. After two Shockwave treatments, Antonia reported that the pain in her calf was gone!

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