Telehealth in Evergreen

Dear Evergreen and Our Greater Mountain Communities,

We hear you. We understand the stress, uncertainty, and fear. We want to be able to help you…now….

This may be you… or someone you know…

Susan works at Lutheran Hospital. She is self-quarantining herself away from family and friends. She feels overwhelmed with the intensity of work along with the isolation from family and friends. She is not sleeping. Susan began experiencing bloating and now has pain down her leg. Each day seems to bring a new symptom she has to push through.

Tom and Mary are in their 70s. They kind of like quarantining at home. It gives them an excuse to catch-up on home projects. Tom was cleaning the garage on Saturday and decided to move a set of tires he had stored years ago. The next morning he had a hard time getting out of bed. He doesn't want to go to urgent care but the condition is getting worse day by day. Last night he only slept for 30 minutes.

John has a history of headaches. He has taken Advil every morning for years. When the headaches start he takes an 2-3 extra that day. This has "worked" for John until now. He is afraid to take Advil and can't take Tylenol because of a liver condition. To make matters worse John is a chef and was laid off last week at the same time a co-worker tested positive for Covid-19. He is now starting his second week of self-quarantining. John can feel his blood pressure going up. He wakes up with headaches every morning. It is really starting to strain his marriage.

After listening to stories like these we decided to do something about it. We are now offering telehealth services in Evergreen. It gives us a chance to help you if your situation or condition doesn't allow in-office care.

While we obviously cannot perform all exams or provide adjustments without you present in our office, we can communicate with you regarding symptoms, perform certain exams, order appropriate tests (some can be shipped directly to your house), address issues, and offer at-home remedies, exercises, diet, supplements and other remote help. If you are interested, please call us or complete the contact us form below. (click here for the Telehealth consent form)

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